Friday, December 30, 2011

After Wi-Fi Cookie sold earlier this year, LG has launched this month Cookie 2 T515 features two SIM two waves online, support Wi-Fi connectivity and touch-screen design tradition.

LG Cookie 2 T515 - 'cricket' cool touch 2 SIM
LG Cookie 2 compact with sleek, rounded, medium sized, compact makes it easy to hold in your hand. 2.8 inch screen for a variety of colors, reflecting well both text and image, with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. In addition to touch screen, LG also equipped for his new Cookie model system hardware buttons like "predecessor". This helps the user feel more comfortable and the phone call.
However, the most attractive is the second in the Cookie feature. Despite the similar style of fashion touch phone to another, but the LG model supports 2 SIM 2 waves online. Actions to make calls and switch between main and sub SIM rapid, just slip through the operation buttons on the touch screen.Users can also use the block and call recording on the phone without having to install external applications registered with the network.
LG Cookie 2 T515 - 'cricket' cool touch 2 SIM
Inheriting the success of Wi-Fi Cookie, LG is also integrated to form two SIM touch phone more than 2 million of its Wi-Fi and GPRS / EDGE. This page is for users to surf the web, read newspapers, or chat, news updates of your friends from social networks. Even users can use 2 as a Cookie "assistant" in the Push Email feature from e-mail account. Even with Word, Excel or PDF email attachment ... the machine can also download and read directly without using a computer.
LG Cookie 2 T515 - 'cricket' cool touch 2 SIM
User-friendly interface is an interesting feature on the product. In addition to supporting operations and control data entry by touch better, Cookie 2 also allows users to customize and order to renew their phones by decorating the home screen. Cookie T515 widget system on diversity and abundance not inferior to the touchscreen smartphone expensive. Users can choose from the widget support notes, clocks, weather for the next social network, quickly switch SIM or listening to music, browse pictures ... to drag and sort out the phone's home screen.
LG Cookie 2 T515 - 'cricket' cool touch 2 SIM
In addition to the above features, the LG Cookie 2 also possess the ability to multi-media entertainment music, watching movies with 50MB of internal memory with extended support 8GB miniSD card - a valuable point for the phone this. Camera 2 "dots" located in the back, shooting support for better pictures in low light conditions often.
2 T515 LG Cookie is currently being marketed for $ 2,190,000 contract.


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