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2011 is a beautiful song in the list of Vietnamese showbiz longer with more new names like Ha Anh, Trang Nhung, Tu Vi, The Virgin ...

Music market in the past year quite quiet when the star names continue to assert its own position, but the young singer's face does not have the breakout success. Meanwhile, a series of famous people from different areas have crossover into singing, helps make the garden more colorful music.
Rushing yard encroachment
Ngan Khanh stepped out of competition film faces looking promising, known for films such as television Call dream , flying across the sky White clouds, waves sex movies and first-hand when asked Do not turn around .
Long beautiful actress shared passion for singing. So her first moves as head of Army Music box company's expertise and hard vocal training and dance education. Then her official debut as a concert singer in the subject of The Men . With a sexy image and dance spectacular, she made ​​certain attention to the screen cover popular song Nobody .
The arrival of 'the beautiful song'
Ngan Khanh when solo.
The arrival of 'the beautiful song'
Pictures of her after the song Amigo group G together with Lan Phuong Trinh Trinh.
Well-known actor, Truong Quynh Anh 's favorite past role in the turbulent life, war commissions... But suddenly, she turns the user into singing, the first military company of Thanh Thao and stick to multiple soliciting favors. Then, Truong Quynh Anh Vo cooperated with musicians Quoc Binh and released two albums alone, Clear pain . In that song alone constantly in the top most requested.
The arrival of 'the beautiful song'
Truong Quynh Anh in strange new MV.
The arrival of 'the beautiful song'
Beauty cutlery Phi Thanh Van seems more versatile from a model turned singer and film. She as "under play" than to invest in a studio album in and out, constantly appearing in the music program.
The arrival of 'the beautiful song'
Phi Thanh Van is busy with film music seems to neglect.
Seagull , the actress's tail grass and crossover into music with the album as strange coast . But perhaps the most attention is the long-legged Thanh Hang , VEDETTE in the modeling. With just a few goose in Rescue death , she has officially become famous actors. Although not officially rated holding ca-business hours will bring, but recently netizens have the opportunity to stir when she just had an impressive performance in the single pair breathing .
Step out from the modeling, getting Maya and alias names associated with Ha Dung, with strong backing from well-known composer, Maya was promised to replace Ha Ho in the future. At the same time the second album Last night I dreamed that you and Good bye my love to see the efforts of the long leg from Hanoi.
Phuong Trinh 's mother chatter and bustling turn out quite singing and album My Boy with beautiful pictures, sexy.
Not nice to say who will succeed or fail because of the new crossover into the field of singing.Therefore, their activities only tentative taste to set out the next step stronger. But their presence has made playing music more interesting and attractive certain, especially when the market is absent from the big stars.
The arrival of 'the beautiful song'
The arrival of 'the beautiful song'
Maya and equations.
Now three people famous Ha Anh, Tu Trang Nhung and Vi, have decided to make the crossover into singing more long list of beautiful songs.
Ha Anh which is known to be a smart model, each student in the UK and before deciding to model her vocal studies course at the London Academy of Music. Once the contest Perfect Couple end, beautiful single released Take my picture , mark the path of professional singing.
There are daring to predict that the expected Ha Anh Ha Ho usurpation. She just vocals Please forgive the way is also a model and then jump into singing, a fiery appearance, dancing hot, beautiful, but each has its own direction. Likelihood of success of Ha Anh can not say which album debut.
But any comparison is lame and beauty itself every share not want to eat in any name which she totally used to demonstrate capability.
The arrival of 'the beautiful song'
The advantage of the Ha Anh model the crossover into singing is taking full advantage of the view.
The arrival of 'the beautiful song'
Trang Nhung also switch to a model act and cause less attention in sin O Excellency, Dr. Brothers(Vietnamese version), call the sun ... She said to stop the film focuses on the development of singing career that many people are not out of surprises. Beauty also demonstrates his really serious with this risky decision when the time to voice lessons, dance school prepared to turn a new direction. In singleNewer first, in cooperation with Trang Nhung Hoang Rapper cause less attention from public opinion.She also nurtured new products.
The arrival of 'the beautiful song'
Trang Nhung on stage.
Astrology is gentle appearance, emotional vocals fit the ballads, romantic. She was also impressed at the film gate the sun, a time we chase the ball, What to separation ... Recently, she has declared to be a singer more than a year with crew training and professional organizations introduce a single mini show launched fate for them . In particular, the chosen theme song MV monumental and meticulous with investment funding of up to $ 20,000.
The arrival of 'the beautiful song'
The arrival of 'the beautiful song'
Beautiful pictures of the MV Tu Vi fate for them .
The arrival of 'the beautiful song'
The impression is not deep
Although Phi Thanh Van, Ngan Khanh Truong Quynh Anh ... is the artist names in showbiz Vietnam, known to many audiences, but the crossover into new areas, they were having some effect against .
After the first product cooked - Phi Thanh Van opinion was "stoned" intense, she seemed more brave album released soul is eternal . In particular, the title track and 2 Da Brown continued to be ostracized. To date, the beautiful focus for film and not mention music.
As Truong Quynh Anh after song alone attention, seems a singing career and silence. Many audience comments, if she is dedicated to the film would probably be more useful for individual names.
Ngan Khanh after soliciting favors from Thuy Vinh and Thanh Thao has decided to separate, a company associated with owning and Lan Trinh, Phuong Trinh song Amigo group G. But her singing career is flourishing in many years.
Maya singing not going to impress despite the great support from Ha Dung. Afterwards, she transitioned to film, but the name Maya is not really known.
Angela's story The Virgin sing do people pay attention, more interested in the pair with the giants and the dress too fiery than age 17.
The arrival of 'the beautiful song'
Phuong Trinh Angela on stage.
The arrival of 'the beautiful song'
Thanh Hang is not intended as a singer at the moment.
The beautiful song is strong in appearance, attractive audience in the dance scene, but only this much is not enough. Whether in terms of fun or a form of contribution determined to pursue long-term path of singing professionally, they are met with difficulties. So the beautiful people also need to look back on his sanity, do not see music as a game or simply to satisfy their own preferences.


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