Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A police officer patrolling the border of Thailand has opened fire on seven teammates in a drinking party, 6 people dead, one injured person, before taking their own lives themselves.

Police said the incident happened last night at 22h30 at the rear of the unit headquarters on border patrol Khuan No. 434 situated in Ma Phrao social, Muang district, Phatthalung province, Thailand. He Yongsak Rattanadilok, unit commander, said the men gathered in the back office to take one of them was glad rank of sergeant.
Police shot and killed six teammates and himself in the drinking party
Material evidence massacre (Artwork).
However, one of them an officer Jaras Surasak, 56 went to where the team is celebrating and drinking fired from rifles to fight HK33 7 people queer that six people died and one person seriously injured.
Those killed were identified as officers Kansuwan Sompong, 57, Surachet Srikaewfaek, 54, Somporn Poonsombat, 53, Tangsakul Narong, 52, Jitsutha Linkoe, 50, and Somporn Boonchuay, 57. They all have been appointed officers of the Thai police force. The police officer injured Inkaew single named Manas, 39 are in hospital emergency but do not know the health situation.
After killing the team, Jaras go and hang himself by closing the main medium used his gun. It is not clear but the cause of the authorities that, personal conflicts may be factors that cause horrific murders on.
Meanwhile, Minister Veerasit Phetkhlai, head of the police force Phatthalung province, said the incident investigators are gathering evidence to clarify.


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