Thursday, December 29, 2011

A guy in Los Angeles has been fined up to $ 50,000, while the iPad and some other things he is "stolen" was discovered by applying Find My iPad from Apple.

Meet great term for 'trot' stolen iPad
The story takes place on Christmas Eve right at Westlake Village (Los Angeles). A thief named Patrick Krewson broke into a family of people and stealing several items, including the iPad, right on Christmas Eve.
Then at about 3 am, the homeowner heard a strange noise and started to discover a thief. He chased the thief but soon lost it Krewson. Thankfully, he can locate his iPad through Find My iPad application and notify the local police.
When the police find the culprit hiding place, they found out the iPad and some other items, including two flat-screen TV, a laptop and about 40 Christmas presents for children, these things have had been stolen a few days ago in a nearby town.
Fortunately for Krewson because it is Christmas Eve, the local police had allowed him bail with a $ 50,000 fine, while the iPad theft is like a hero for bringing a happy Christmas look for at least a forty families and other children.


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