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"Later I married someone he or she must be really love me and for me that he has more willpower and energy to worry about money, care for his wife and children", "Women United" young shoots in film "God destined hero" sharing.

Midu: 'Money is also needed, but not all'
- Other images with nice, bright at first, recent audiences saw her dress appears more sexy and attractive. Is this a way to prove she is grown up?
- Yes, I want the user to figure seductive and sexy than before. Simply because I think it's the way to her more beautiful, not to prove what their growth. What I have now great. Co notion that: "It was necessary to open his new show mature". I think the maturity of each person marked by awareness and resolve things in life. To say I'm open to show maturity, I feel funny because there are so many adults physically small but the soul and vice versa.
Midu: 'Money is also needed, but not all'
Midu image sexy, charming recently.
- Many people comment you are having difficulty in changing the face image by the young and petite body. What do you think?
- I also found a little hard for people to accept. But I still do because I started to see your favorite movies. In addition to the role of light, soft, younger than truth, I wish I could try out for the larger role, older and more thorny. That part of the external image mature decision.
- And sometimes the audience to see her back with photos in the morning, "sealed the entire file."Is she afraid of being "stoned" when dress sexy?
- I think the girl as a flower, blooming flowers, the shy bud, flowers bloom to the radiant. His son, who did not like looking at a beautiful flower. So what of the girl is smart to know when to discreet, sexy at any weight. Walled than the bland, but sexy all day even more boring. I am comfortable with its own style of dress. Maybe today I was wearing sexy costumes but tomorrow I love her more elegant. That does not mean I'm scared or anything, conservative.
- In addition to changing the external image, you have to try to make thinking, their way of seeing everything in life does not become older?
- Conversely, I sometimes have to estimate what your character is in harmony with it or know a few faces. When I measured out to weary or depressed behavior and inner personal thoughts. So if the trade-offs, I would choose my face to think his old young again.
- Recently she has never confirmed his knife and later also do not need. This is to say she is very confident and happy with the beauty endowed?
- I can not say that intelligent self-confidence, but I'm really happy.
Midu: 'Money is also needed, but not all'
- But if need cutlery, she will choose a point on?
- I understand this question (laughs). Looks, I do not need the knife but a point I want to ... if possible. I want to head to surgery no less simple and think again.
- We are told she looks younger than age 23. Under that is detrimental or strength?
- If the life I love. But on its own films, children too difficult to show the older role, should also turn out I do not like much.
- The creation of a female figure half the U.S. ca crystal Spring, with powerful historical drama "God destined hero "has to be the driving force for their self-confidence she has matured?
- The role is still playing, I'm me. Xuan Hoa is still very young and very cute. The way to fight this arrogance of her subtle and loveable. Generally, I'll start coming to film a new project so I think it's time to break the frame intelligent people pay for.
- Many people have problems with a message that she has cystic mi nhon appearance, tenderness, weakness and even touches of silk as she dug back into the female half can be powerful personality with violent fight scenes on film. What ever you think this role is too big for his shirt?
- Sometimes I do not believe you can complete the end scenes of the movie action. There are times when my pain to tears, bruised limbs, flowing whole blood, but I still have not exceeded. Viewers can watch the movie will decry my appearance seem fragile, frail, fragile but with weak, I thought I was then efforts. To me that is the sacrifice and work hard.
- The first costume drama, the characters of her body, she has discovered something new in itself after the end of this role?
- I knew I loved riding fast and free. I know Minh Ly headed and stubborn with injuries. I'm naughty and funny than I thought.
Midu: 'Money is also needed, but not all'
Midu in the movie Natural hero mission.
The historical drama of this ancient rare teen audience attention. So it is said that the female lead Midu also assumed that only the manufacturer moves to draw audiences to theaters teen.She reviews why?
- For a debut film, producers have to spend over 25 billion. That figure "terrorism" should be sure they will not take risks and think simply that. Moreover, external factors that attract an audience, I have to go through rigorous rounds of casting and through many other heavyweight candidates.
- With how much% believe this role will be successful?
- I believe 50% only because I believe the rest is luck.
- The age of 23, she has loved much?
- I love enough to make you happy. I actually own the type of person all the love, always wanted to bring happiness to your loved fully. But many times in love I very masculine and assertive.
- How would a guy for loving sister?
- A gentle, tolerant, saying little but do much. I fear most is the chatter he talks a lot but do very it.1
Midu: 'Money is also needed, but not all'
- So you are in love instead?
- Let me not be kept secret?
- Many more people will love much more mature, more mature. She rules?
- I think this is also true, but hard to say much love. Co at love makes people more mature but sometimes it makes people as passionate kid with stupid.
- Recently there are considerable young girl in showbiz just like looking older man to love her.Particularly as you have exceptions?
- For me, love age should not matter who I can love the same age, smaller or larger does not matter.The problem is still significant head and think of him than I have. Usually, the big new boys stumble by not more to life, so they're easy to light and elusive of all is my thinking, they are difficult to understand the message I need to share in life.
- First, people or shouting "I have to earn to be a lover than I first understood in two senses," but in five people liked the style, "I just want to make people love me more money." So she likes to say what type?
- I do not need rich people love because I can make money. I do not need you love handsome because I do not feel safe inside a dashing guy too. Conversely, I need a normal person you love but I must have the will to love him most fully without being frivolous things in life hurt. That's it!
Midu: 'Money is also needed, but not all'
- Do not need you love rich and handsome, so the money she mean in the selection of love for the modern woman and herself?
- Slogan of me is as simple as: "Money is also needed, but money is not everything." (Horse). First is what makes people happy but do not make for happy people. Do not be blinded coins, especially the young and beautiful girl. I like to make money enough to spend time and care for his family. Later I married someone he or she must be true because I love my ma and he has more willpower and energy to worry about money, care for his wife and children.


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