Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Run the U.S., Japan Thu, Lan Trinh, Pham Truong, Tran Tuan Luong Khanh application are the same fierce race, claimed the top spot.

The Men after repeated break-up has exceeded Tran Tuan Luong capital led the charts for several weeks. When voting ends at midnight on top 3 12/12, a former member of V. Boys with 36,409 votes by Zing ID and phone messages, while he has the name "weird or" Tran Tuan Luong equally stirred with 35,158 votes. On Tuesday the singer-songwriter Khanh Application for 2898 turns. It's hard to predict who will won the most because they have their own strengths.
Scores on the face the prospect of Zing Music Awards
The Men.
After separation from V. Boys, The Men became an independent artist and suddenly resonate with the song Love dared not speak , The dress alone, who reserve ... But not very prominent in the market The Men are big names but familiar and much loved in the province, especially the West. His hit songs such as blank page , two to three years, Know you're wrong, Do not cry , and all other series are composed by The Men.
Scores on the face the prospect of Zing Music Awards
Tran Tuan Luong.
Facing The Men in the race is young singer Tran Tuan Luong, the new face of the music. Whose father was a musician so small voice from the date they come into contact with the passion for singing. He touched the first door in the competition so your video clip by HTV straight to the organization and won the silver disc. Since then, Tran Tuan Luong walked straight on the road singing. The song Rose City Card is shown by his people to know more. Up to now, Tran Tuan Luong has had several songs such as Article I want to know, Christmas Celebration, Hold each raindrop, moment ...
Scores on the face the prospect of Zing Music Awards
Khanh application.
At the bottom top three, but watch out Khanh unit quite versatile. He graduated from acting school Theater Cinema but then became a pupil of artist Do Quang and the grace that helped him become a singer. The application has opened recently shown composing songs and much loved as he does not need love, biggest mistake his life , he loved to do so, 999 tears ... These are many of his compositions colleagues as Nguyen Vu , Quach Thanh Danh, Chau Gia Kiet Lam Hung, Luu Gia Bao is quite a lot.
Scores on the face the prospect of Zing Music Awards
Updated Thu.
In the female the face is also very difficult to predict because they are comparable across financial strength. Stop at the Top 6 Idol contest in 2008, some time after the Japanese Thu Phuong Uyen musicians then led her troops under his head Various Artists , the troops by album It's Time Shu .Although there is no eye-catching appearance as much other beautiful young singer, but in return she has strong voice and be the big star patrons, caused a little more buzz for the song Lac step , Whether it was last time.
Scores on the face the prospect of Zing Music Awards
My Run.
Run My winning prize winner English School ca 2007 and from there into the street singer with cute appearance and clear voice with the ability to handle a good song. She recently released album Sand County with the creation of the Royal Rapper and get a hit like crying at night, long ago, ice, sand county ... When the next poll top three finishes, Run My Japanese lost only one spot Thu with 3,519 votes.
Scores on the face the prospect of Zing Music Awards
Lan Trinh.


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