Friday, December 30, 2011

Spring is at hand, people around the world are slaves to the Assembly tingle. The same point through the spring festival unique and "attract tourists" in the year.

1. Carnival and Samba dance - Brazil
As Halloween Parade largest and the world, Brazil Carnival attracted hundreds of thousands of people to the coastal city of Rio de Janeiro beautiful.
City of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) are steeped in the vibrant Carnival colorful samba dance with fire.
Held in February every year around the country throughout Brazil, but still the most exciting Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, where all the most talented samba dancers flocked to compete. The festival was opened with the key exchange protocol in the imperial city Momo - a fictional character, as he leads the dancers to perform in parades and dancing Samba. The festival is a competition of famous dance troupes from around the world to each school performed within 85 minutes.
A boat parade on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Festival events include the celebration or parade combining elements circus, makeup, street festivals ...The heart of the Carnival parades are held on Sundays and Monday nights at the Sambadrome stadium in the city with a lot of fun street party, liberal, and colorful.
2. Snow Festival - Japan
Snow this year's festival officially opened on 5 / 2 in the city of Saporo, the capital Hockaido area, northern Japan, is expected to attract 2 million tourists at home and abroad.
Snow Festival, also known as Yuki matsuri, attracting millions of artisans and visitors from around the world to visit and created the impressive work of art.
Guests can not help admiring with a copy of the most beautiful buildings in the world: Royal Melbourne Museum, Angkor temples, the Great Buddha ... giant with more than 15m tall and 25m wide on display in Odori Park, attracting hundreds of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists to visit. With about 300 massive sculptures from ice and snow, this winter festival is the biggest and most awaited people's land of cherry blossoms.
Guests also have the opportunity to enjoy Ramen dish, delicious beer in the middle of winter.
Sapporo is also where the best ski resort in Japan with modern facilities and slipway filled with hundreds of tourists. Although not large, such as ski hills of Europe, but with its own charm, this place became a venue for both the beginner skiers and seasoned experience.
3. Winter ice fishing in South Korea
Fighting fish (bingeo), appears only in winter when the water in the lake ice at temperatures below 20 oC. So the ideal time to go fishing is from mid December and lasts until the end of February, when the river freezes hard.
Ice fishing has long been a winter recreational activities are Korean families preferred for simplicity and fun of it. Workers do not become too complex to fish even if you do not have any experience. At the height of the season, everyone brings the instant noodles, pepper, and wine gathered from early morning into groups set up tents and drill the holes to release the fishing line.
High season only to see the whole person and personality.
Present at the airport very early question, people set up tents, let be attentive, patiently waiting feeling big fish to bite, while the nose is frozen, whole body shivering as the cold wind.
End the day just enjoying the fresh aroma of grilled fish Sancheon fat, or closely salad prepared right in the center of the festival. You also have the opportunity to admire the flower path stretched as far as 5 km, like ten thousand pictures with more than 17 thousand fish Sancheon lamp.
4. Carnival Venice - Italy
The festival is famous for the sophisticated and mysterious.
Organization for the first time in 1296, attracting many tourists to the paradise of rivers, bridges and romance, Venice.
The festival is held in mid-February each year, and lasts about two weeks. During the festival, St Square. Marco, theaters, streets and office buildings became the stage of the actor, circus, dancers, musicians ... City of Venice became the land of fashion capital, the flash costumes, of the glass and mask fussy luxuries.
Mask at the Venice festival meant to erase the boundaries of distance and wealth.Bringing hope and love for everyone.
5. New Year's Eve in Times Square, New York - United States
For over a century, Times Square, New York, still held the position of "Top Ten" is one of the locations are expected to welcome the new year in the world.
A moment of cheering crowds and a countdown of the square and about a billion viewers worldwide will watch the event on television.
The moment the ball hits the ground it is time people shouted greetings new year: "Happy New Year!" And sung in chorus melodies of the great traditional song "Auld Lang Syne", with singing, dance and admire the display of fireworks and balloons drop most special New Year's Eve.
More than a ton of colorful paper flowers, burn people's wishes in 25 languages, poured out from the building, and from the hands of the new year would bring luck, happiness and peace.
6. Spring Festival on the "Lion Island" - Sinapore
Spring Festival on the island of Singapore is a chance to enjoy a unique atmosphere for Tet, an interesting combination between modern and traditional ... will definitely make you feel overwhelmed by the density of active the street.
Taking place at the same time with the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, Spring Festival is held annually in Singapore to celebrate the new year with 3 highlights the festival new year flower, Singapore River Festival Hongbao, and the Chingay Parade. To Singapore this occasion, visitors can enjoy the jubilant festival atmosphere, the procurement program, cuisine, traditional cultural experience, and the carnival atmosphere of Lion Island during a month.
Singapore River Festival Hongbao close to the Oriental culture.
Do not just admire the breathtaking vistas, visitors to Singapore but was mesmerized by the impressive performances, cuisine and unique ... good luck started last year with performances by amazing fireworks, lit colorful sky over the place every night "island".


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