Saturday, December 31, 2011

The weather will se that the lack of moisture for your skin parched and vulnerable. The following tips will help girls overcome the negative manifestations of the skin effectively.

Water supply to the skin
There are two ways to supply water to the skin: direct and indirect. With direct way, we can use the cream increases the skin moisture. In addition to creams, which can mask the fruit with vitamin, mineral water and fresh skin. The measure is simple and efficient rice water wash vo. This water has a lot of vitamins and protein.
For indirectly, to provide enough water for the body, every day we need to drink about 2 liters of water, better than drinking a glass of fresh orange juice every day.
Eliminate stress
Stress is a factor in causing bad skin is not fresh. Last year busy season is coming, but do not forget trying to balance life! Relax with an evening to eat with friends, or just at home watching your favorite movie, or to reward yourself the spa treatment course relaxing massage to restore body and mind fresh blocks after the busy workday.
No hot water bath
In winter but not cold shower water too hot will lose the mucus layer protects the skin and so easy to become dehydrated, causing skin parched. Currently, polluted air also causes dry skin. To improve this situation, the girls should wash your face with cool water immediately after in the streets about, then use cleanser, then rinse with water. In the evening, before bed, you should massage the skin by using three fingers (pointer, middle and ring) strokes on the skin from the forehead to the sides, from nose to ear and from ear to chin. It also measures skin care and skin protection are highly effective, anti-wrinkle effect, helps the skin's sebaceous good circulation.
"Kill" acne
For sensitive skin, sudden cold weather is easy to transfer acne thrive. The first thing you should review their menu. Please immediately remove the item spicy, hot, oily and instead with salad, fresh fruit and vegetables. Stay away from junk food high calorie snack, including human, tobacco, alcohol ...
Pay attention to cleaning the skin in a scientific way, wash your face 2 times / day in the morning and evening, regular exfoliation is also a way to open pores and get rid of acne.
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Remove dark circles around the eyes
Poor blood circulation than in the winter, so you must take care of the skin under the eyes! Every time you wash your face, let's strengthen gently massage the skin around the eyes. Sleep is the easiest way to get back beauty to the eyes. Before going to bed, you use the cream for the eyes to add moisture and nutrients to this delicate area.
Also, add the vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin A in your menu. Use sliced ​​cucumber circles or chilled tea bag residue was put on the magic eye is also in reducing dark circles.
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