Wednesday, December 28, 2011

City full of crime Medellin (Colombia) has installed the elevator system for people outdoors at one of the poorer and most violent countries.

Install outdoor elevator in 'criminal city'
System outside the elevator in the city of Medellin, Colombia.
According to BBC , people living in the county Comuna 13 located on steep hillside slopes, often have to climb hundreds of stairs to move to downtown Medellin. To contribute to reducing poverty and crime rates in the region, officials recently installed elevator system is divided into six sections and has a height of nearly 384M.
Mayor said that the world never had any similar projects done. The purpose of this project is to support poor areas Comuna 13. Since 1980, Medellin is known as "capital crimes" of the world and is a center of major drug trafficking, but in recent years, the city has gradually get rid of that sad reality.
Install outdoor elevator in 'criminal city'
He Hernesto Luis Holguin (left) and sister Resfa Holguin interesting to lift the county Comuna 13.
These lifts are worth $ 7 million plan is the latest in a series of construction projects on infrastructure to help develop the city Medellin. This city has a subway system and a modern cable system serving the residential areas located on the hillside.
Approximately 12,000 residents in 13 counties Comuna will benefit from the elevator system, because it is a free service and shortened time from half an hour walk down to about 5 minutes. Previously, people had to walk the equivalent distance of the stairs of the building 30 floors to reach the city center.
Comuna 13 is one of the neighborhood poor and the most violent city of Medellin. But officials hope the elevator system is combined with other social projects will actively help people in this economic development and integration with the rest of the city.
Lift system for outdoor Comuna 13 district or city Medellin. (Source: AP)


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