Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Not only is a smartphone, HTC Rhyme is also a stylish fashion accessories and unique for the Lunar New Year to you.

The scene at the center HTC Rhyme Beauty in real busy these days. Despite only appearing in Vietnam shortly before Christmas, but HTC Rhyme persuaded countless "her" from the first gaze. Still a smart phone running Android, but HTC Rhyme brings a breath of fresh air to the female followers of fashion comes a very special kit. Not only comfortable experience at the HTC products Beauty Center, users will be advised to complete free style, highlight their own personality.
As a Graphic Designer, there are many creative experience but Thanh Van not hide the surprise: "As a little girl when her love hi-tech items, so that HTC Rhyme too impressed with yourself. Rhyme is the most popular accessories Charm, Charm Rhyme glance thought only to highlight decorative style with pretty flashing lights, but its use is also very cool, Charm help me not miss a call or message when to phone with the other clutter in a bag. It also includes Rhyme Tangle, hear no tangle cord design with slim elegance, you can hear the music to sound alive and full of emotion. "
New year gift unique HTC Rhyme
Joy when huuc hiec of her stylish HTC Rhyme Thanh Van
In one corner of the bustling HTC Beauty Center hours of the girls, she Nhu Quynh - The editor of HTV & MC said: "This is my first see a smart phone not only but also to create like this, the blue lake with smooth lines and feminine but also very stylish, but do not love okay. " And she just cherish the phone with the kit and continued to chat with people around, look at the way she shared that she would know immediately pick a "she" HTC Rhyme of time.
New year gift unique HTC Rhyme
BTV Nhu Quynh is intoxicating experience HTC Rhyme
Not only was attracted by the unique accessories, HTC Rhyme entirely convinced by the features of a smart phone fashionable. Ms. Thuy Duong - Marketing expert said: "I liked and decided to purchase this phone because it is suitable for their work, which always must actively and continuously related information. Friendly interface, HTC Smart Sense 3.5 will help you organize all the important information and should give priority to monitoring on a single screen. The email, plans, important meeting or deadline will not be missed. Other features such as mute overturned by phone, automatically check the meaning of ... well would be convenient !...".
New year gift unique HTC Rhyme
Ms. Thuy Duong entirely convinced with the HTC Rhyme
HTC Rhyme Beauty Center is not only attracting women, is looming outside the boys also curious to experience the product. Anh Ngoc Tung - IT staff to share with his girlfriend: "I have cherished this gift from Christmas, but want to experience the love and because the phone decided to follow her so long that! She nodded as was conquered by the design and accessories, also with the configuration I, the function is quite important. Rhyme is configured just right for women, ultra-sensitive screen, autofocus camera with wide angle, HD video ... very good. Dock just stand back there used to charge the battery, just a bluetooth speaker fits people can not live without music like her! With this gift, the new year will start their four really happy here. "
New year gift unique HTC Rhyme
Anh Ngoc Tung learn the features of a new year gift for lovers
Looking at the bustling atmosphere HTC Rhyme Beauty Center debut is enough to see the HTC Rhyme successful cosmetic satisfaction. Tet is the sure she'll be happier when HTC Rhyme as a companion. Show your personality with HTC Rhyme girls to become modern and stylish.
New year gift unique HTC Rhyme
* Version regular and special editions with Docking Station for synchronization. Both versions are presented with Tangle free and wireless headset signal Charm.


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