Friday, December 30, 2011

The last day is always best to call many names: the season of nostalgia, warm season, wedding season, seasonal requirements, seasonal celebrations, and the seasons of emotion.

If the feelings on the eve of the exhibition, photo exhibitions that would be more colorful and very frame. What are fireworks in the sky, the road with the busiest line in the cold se, faint fragrance from the fragrance of her that makes men swoon ... or warm ones fist of those who are in love.
The love song delivered from season
The small gift - Diem Quynh (marketing staff)
I remember one day last year, it was my first business trip to Hanoi in the cold weather circumcision for girls throughout the year Saigon cold will only know each new year. The gift he gave me "celebrate" the first trip was a bottle of milk and wool scarves can support. He said nothing but I know the attention of his silently for me to remind me always take care of myself well. Each time the skin feels dry, I enjoy opening a bottle can care, skin cream, and then inhaling the scent characteristics and compensation recall the sweet memories of that year.
The love song delivered from season
When he found me - Wall Linh (consultant)
The love song delivered from season
He found me ...
Shakespeare once said "The love of the boys are not located in the heart that lies in the eyes." You see, right? My love may also start from his eyes. Main those eyes, he found me in the line of people crowded in the air will se the eve of Saigon. I love white skin equivocal after the dress I'm wearing bright people. He found me! At that time, the crowd's Eve, he caught me when I stumble. "Sorry for the sudden my line, but this dress suits her white skin of a girl there." I went from surprise to enjoy the right sound of fireworks at New Year rang ...
Each year, we all go there for New Year's Eve, with fireworks and recall sweet moments when he found me.
No noise, no hurry ... love romantic winter and extremely poetic. A little accident, a little grace, and a particular point from the person you have enough to help you find the love of his life. Take care of yourself very well have helped two of our girls to be confident and attractive. Thus, they succeeded in conquering and cultivating his love.


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