Tuesday, December 27, 2011

After 1 week introduced the iPhone Smartphone A4s same 99% of Hkphone 4, this product has proved increasingly attractive list, chain of showrooms are Hkphone Fires every fall.

Predict this product will be the craze created a powerful and Impressive end phone market in 2011.
Fire of 'iPhone 4' $ 2.9 million of Hkphone
Hkphone A4s with a wealth of intelligent applications is creating a strong fever and the Most dramatic last round on the phone market in 2011
Noel is Also a "pretext" to people đó We purchase, "hunt" Discounts and gifts, from somewhere if you see "fire of" before Christmas is perhaps understandable. But the showroom of Hkphone more than that, never mind holidays were rằng Crowded into the place and still nghit People shopping from early morning until late at night.
Fire of 'iPhone 4' $ 2.9 million of Hkphone
From early morning was very cold pen came very Crowded cars and motorbikes, spilling both cars to the street
Fire of 'iPhone 4' $ 2.9 million of Hkphone
So coming soon to the head, who sat waiting to get A4s. This phone by fire every customer reservations and buy too large
Fire of 'iPhone 4' $ 2.9 million of Hkphone
To Remain closed after dark buyer
Smartphone Consumers A4s conquered by beautiful design, like iPhone 4 to 99%, a standard first-order design world. Machines Your Hand hold steady by machining quality is very good, around the Entire rim is made ​​of high-grade stainless steel, rounded corners Sophisticated as the iPhone 4. In particular, main Hkphone These products use genuine use of the iPhone 3Gs touch for touch and touch the Satisfactory quality.
Moreover, two A4s Android operating system, application icons move Hkphone pen was like 100% of the iPhone, displaying sharp images and smooth strokes.
A4s are Hkphone products continue to bring up strong at No. 1 on Smartphone cheap in Vietnam, was the first truly gives Consumers Vietnam, "the minimum, maximum Benefits", ahead of all opponents to Dominate this market. This product is making a real craze for huge promotional only 2.9 million, so sánh to the original price is 3.5 million. Also included will be the terrible gift card includes a 250,000 dong 4G, panels affixed fingerprint screen against 80.000 dong. Total value of promotion up to 930,000 VND.
Only less than one month (until 01.19.2012) the promotion end of the year's biggest Hkphone, of should the company's showroom inevitable Fires will continue to occur due to the buy too big. So, to Avoid Crowded or not pushed to buy the product, the faster your legs to put in to make sure the name on the list to receive product reviews.
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