Monday, December 26, 2011

China has detected a carcinogen in the form of milk products of reputable companies leading the country, raises concerns for consumers on quality, hygiene and food safety.

Accordingly, the monitoring of the quality of the Chinese government has discovered aflatoxin in dairy products by Mengniu Dairy Group, the leading dairy companies in the country. These toxins are produced during fungal attack, capable of causing liver cancer, kidney and was the World Health Organization (WHO) list of substances classified as carcinogenic category A.
Detection China toxic milk cause cancer
Products of Mengniu Dairy Group.
According to report from Mengniu Dairy Group, lots of milk produced in factories located in Sichuan Province, southwest China. However, lots of milk has not been marketed. However, Mengniu Group has made an apology to consumers and to know all these products are taken away for destruction.
Milk is the center of the scandal of food safety in China since the melamine contamination in milk in 2008. The milk producers mercenary toxin used to increase the number of protein and protein only in the product, but it was toxic causing the death of six children and 300,000 cases of other affected .
Meanwhile, recently, China continually shaken because of the serious violations of regulations on food safety, including the use of cooking oil made from the leftovers of the restaurants were gutter drains.Hundreds of people have been arrested for the same case, that the Chinese public is very confused.


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