Monday, December 26, 2011

Immersed in the "digital drug", or fever with the weird camera movement, the Internet has opened up endless repository of knowledge but also filled with hidden dangers for young people ...

Fabulous music breast lift
"No surgery, no scarring, no need to piece padded and extremely economical. Just listen and hear 20 times a day for 10 consecutive days, within one of you will add 2 cm "... Just type the keyword" breast lift music "in the search engine can find hundreds of web pages Vietnam to advertise things like this about music works wonders.
Moreover, these sites also said that, in addition to breast enhancement effects, the music also helps the audience excited, you feel good, relax.
The advertising line "wing" has made hundreds of girls, particularly those who are not confident about the next one as "open flag in the stomach". Many people then left the money, writing a message, sent to the operator on the ad to download a piece of music with the desire to breast implants more beautiful, sexier, more confident.
However, even then, many young assistant fire when you work really do not see where, only headache, obsessed with sound as the other radio is shy.
"I've heard 10 consecutive days but does not work as advertised. Do not just take the money back that has haunted and most of all feeling frustrated because you cheated," a woman born in Hanoi for urgent or .
According to these girls, the tracks span more than 20 seconds to 2 minutes at a cost of 5,000 VND - 15,000 VND, which is actually just sounds like a chaotic mess.
The virtual movement of young shocks years
After listening to the music, musicians Xuan Nghia said: "In theory, this sound is called the music, because it has no high-level changes over time. Rather, it is only part of the musical effect. Players talk to your chest to be quite paranoid about. For audio only works with the brain, making the audience excited, or tired. But it has no effect on muscle. Worldwide, people use Symphony to stimulate children's brains, and for the treatment of mental patients. "
Idosing - something addictive music
Since the teen image abroad "writhing in the midst of coffee" with the music I-Dosing, also called "digital drug", many Vietnamese teen fever bloated Sikhism also find this track to test ... coffee.
According to rumors, the music can make listeners feel as separate from the outside world with the feeling of flying, lightheadedness hard to describe, just as drug users. The rumor was quickly created a movement, a curious craze among young Vietnamese. These lively enthusiastic comment on a series of forums that I-Dosing was spread like a strange wind. Many still tinkering teen to explore the music network "ghost" to search the entire root of the strange sensation that I-Dosing bring.
The virtual movement of young shocks years
The overpowering effect of idosing can get people to listen to death. Photo: internet
Many young people after the "collective identity" try this virtual drug users were very enthusiastic and excited but most of the remainder expressed fear. "It was horrible! I have not heard the show was a" critical "where, just dizzy mind and want to vomit. The first day there bee any fathers do. Can never test a second time again ", a nickname expressed on the forum.
Evaluation of the music of this hallucinogenic, MA Mai Nguyen To music, music pedagogy Dean, University of Central Art Teacher said, "disorder" rhythms can affect the heart, brain, lung ... of the listener. Even players not properly as to the volume too loud, harsh and hissing can cause death in the state of the cortical stimulation.
"Previously, the music genre called" Rock Metal "Rock poisoned ... have made many young people are overcome, not the self-employed, even remove their clothing and screaming mad disorder. Although there is no specific research on the effects of I-Dosing, but I think, irritating music, the feeling of "approved" or addiction is bad for both physiological factors and the human spirit "Mai said Master.
Camera movement ... weird
2011 can be considered boom years of the movement photographed strange, even for the ... surreal.
From the trend of relatively "gentle" as the camera bay, to the daring images such as planking (prone image), stick on the ceiling or the peculiar trend as the first pass from the other photos, images hidden to pictures "unsanitary" as image input jack toilet ... have attracted young people around the world responded.
The movement also spread to Vietnam and not a few young and enthusiastic follow. Moreover, a girl is considered open for planking movement in Vietnam even wrote a blog post with specific instructions to take pictures with a series of bizarre artwork.
Some young people see this as an act of mad, aimless but others appreciated as a unique entertainment, healthy and effective method of stress release.
The virtual movement of young shocks years
The virtual movement of young shocks years
The virtual movement of young shocks years
Some pictures capture the trend of young people.
Indeed the effect of this movement to where no one can judge, however, the consequences are no less label young money was paid with the lives of its pleasures. Specifically, on 15 / 5, Acton Beale (20) died while in the prone position. She fell from the seventh floor of a building in Queensland. Day 16 / 5, a boy who was killed by Australia and prone imaging. A few days later, a young man also injured by the prone position on the car hood. He fell from the car down.
The world is entering the internet boom to sources of knowledge, and infinite information. However, it is associated with unpredictable risks. Each youth should be self-aware and orientation to their lifestyle to avoid becoming a victim of the virtual world.


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