Thursday, December 29, 2011

Near the time of Tet 2012, no phone product on the market to keep up the heat like 99% A4s Smartphone iPhone 4 Hkphone Company.

Within days, the fever of the A4s had spread quickly that fires rapidly and place of spectacular deep in many cities such as Hanoi, Saigon, Da Nang, Hai Phong and Thai Nguyen, Phu Tho Dong Nai, Bac Giang ...
'IPhone 4' 2.9 million of Hkphone 'fire' found in many provinces
Smartphone A4s 99% of iPhone 4 Hkphone same cost only 1 / 6
The closer Tet phone market in general and Vietnam in particular smartphones become ever more vibrant. Telephone companies, supermarkets, shops, large and small have their big promotions, offers a chance to win for consumers billions VND. Particularly Hkphone the other hand, will not be a "probability" received promotion, for which 100% of customers are enjoying the largest promotional package in this year's Hkphone.
As has just been launched, immediately phone the smart A4s Hkphone Smartphone is considered the best and cheapest in the Smartphone segment in particular in Vietnam. This product claims appeal strongly consumers all over the region. Consumers from North to South, from cities to market towns and districts in the province, try to put yourself in the New Year a previous A4s.
'IPhone 4' 2.9 million of Hkphone 'fire' found in many provinces
Customers to order in a large showroom in Hanoi Hkphone
'IPhone 4' 2.9 million of Hkphone 'fire' found in many provinces
Showroom in Danang Hkphone extremely exciting
'IPhone 4' 2.9 million of Hkphone 'fire' found in many provinces
'IPhone 4' 2.9 million of Hkphone 'fire' found in many provinces
... And some other pictures in the showroom on the other provinces of Hkphone
He Long - Showroom Hkphone management in Phu Tho said "with great promotions Hkphone Company, showroom here constantly taking orders, we also have appointments every customer to pay for goods and burned ...".
Ms. Flowers - Showroom Hkphone management in Bac Giang also said: "Customers are concerned here not buy the product because the amount of buyers and a large order. However, all customers are very comfortable and get the goods ordered by date of appointment of the company ... ".
It is no coincidence that A4s have such a wonderful attraction. This is a true smartphone, using Android 2.3 operating system with hundreds of thousands of modern free application.
But the biggest attraction of A4s probably lies in its design. This product is designed similar to iPhone 4 to 99%, pretty perfect all angles, good quality machining with round edge may bo made stainless steel high-end luxury. Moreover, A4s assert through the use of Hkphone main genuine, using the induction of iPhone 3Gs for quality touches and sweeping. The application icons are 100% identical to the iPhone is another reason why consumers can not ignore the A4s.
'IPhone 4' 2.9 million of Hkphone 'fire' found in many provinces
A4s pretty perfect all angles - using touch and iPhone 3Gs application icon mimicking the iPhone
A4s the product continues to confirm the position 1 of the Smartphone Hkphone cheap in Vietnam, giving consumers Vietnam "minimum amount - the maximum benefit." This product is created craze "wide area" with a huge promotion, only 2.9 million compared to the original price is 3.5 million. Also will be presented with 4G memory card valued at 250,000 VND, unpleasing display Fingerprint resistant 80,000 dong. The total value of up to 930,000 VND Promotion.
Only less than a month to end this promotion (to 19.01.2012), with the heat of the A4s and more consumers are concerned not buy the product in the promotion period. Representatives of the company Hkphone share "of the A4s fires are inevitable, but please contact the reservation, the Company will ensure timely delivery."
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