Friday, December 30, 2011

"Oh, you crazy over a new, know each other more than a month that he had cheated and took him to the motel and then" page full of angry voices told me about the guy architects, intellectuals accepted her new love .

The 'moves' solicited girlfriend of the guy in motel
"May the children awake, ignore him than tired than sick, she still insisted on coffee, otherwise go on. The learned men registered now what kind, of every three seven two one days is the 'meat' of our daughter home. What so easy ...".
I can not help laughing before she was 19 I was really not a stumble, but always made life seem "first stone was" his. Not promptly bit frustrated that it too may have suspected, it looks so life is still negative tone due to old life, it curved lip and told me: "Do not think that younger children do not know. This is , full story on real people real work. At that also learn to draw lessons for themselves. "
Then it says to open the laptop, visit the center of a sharing forum. It just showed me these are very interesting topic hot on forums such as: "People are lured into the motel about?", "The girls in the guise of leading hotels of men" ... States food is here, the stories and experiences shared together that shed tears listening to ... laughs. Honestly, have U30, through love but not least on this forum I feel very immature, that his eyes were open more, is how to cultivate more sophisticated technique of time men this.
Around passing just a story to the ladies in your contacts so that he is so hard now, think of a collection of strategies, high, low, clean the dirt is also always .
The most typical and classic is probably way "he tired, he wanted to find a place to relax." However, this is now considered too old, too rural, for instance, only the good kind of silly children. So men today have created the more dangerous guise. For example, stories, has his "side" the situation was urgent: abdominal pain to deal with sadness now! "He told wandering the streets for a moment to black wind, followed by trying to take her to a remote place but all the rest, then call 'sad' unbearable. So is there a legitimate reason completely to non-linear in a hostel near you! "nickname dylan tell you.And of course when using this strategy, the main male character has a very talented screen acting, acting to stem citrus and face to express emotion, "a" like it!
Equally unique is the design of the suffering humiliation eyebrow whiskers ... accepted in the dirt. The situation is made as follows: The young girl went to eat. Feeding the boys accidentally spilled onto the sauce. Meal, both portable car go around. But now, the smell of fish sauce examination pranks on the boys from that spread. It makes both boys and girls are uncomfortable, then he will say: "Oh Em! In his earlier spill sauce, now in the stink, visit his bathing place for a little ride with me but this kind of very annoying! "And the hotel is straight forward. Chieu This staging is simple but perhaps eyebrow whiskers are quite new tricks they think of strategies "smell" is.
I have your wisdom, not selected hotels and guesthouses that instance would love to his house to John "is the local natural hammock." You girls nick name hoamattroi recalled: "That day, he invited me to play the guy. Now that's love, he did not know how their homes. I think he simply wants to put themselves out and parents can add that the said door. I was even nervous, extremely nervous. But the new arrival said, he turned out the family home at all. So have two children each. He told two little open view movies. He asked a moment too hot to close the new support. Close finish that guy is hot, sure to cool off the lights??! He can be found watching movies, though I sat back very tired but determined not lie. Been a while so I do not know the terrible stomach pain, should be known not to lie down to rest. I offer down, he translated down, they chained him up and chained up, removed his hand even stomach me again. Finally, young children are involved encroaching wall, and what has come to. "
Most books on design, the man who will try to set up the objective circumstances and pushed into a passive situation. But the higher the better, many hands "look girl" is used to moves spanking psychological and put you into the world "actively devoted". Such as the guy seems to be "hunters" were professionally convey a very dangerous plan, which envisioned a conversation like this: "I broke away ... - Sao wrong? - I ... - I keep saying goes, you have to know why instead! - I do not want you to tell me more pain ... I leave, I will agree after a reason - I ... I ... (sigh). Perhaps he was powerless, he will not bring happiness to you ... ". The heroine in this story will not agree to split the flat is. In contrast, the two will work together to face the disease of wickedness. And to do this, of course, a good day, they will be brought together to a place of peace that only two people, to the understanding, diagnosis and ... find treatments.
In general, read about half the number of pages of this topic, I wanted to dizziness with men of talent. I remembered the funny story of her own friends. She also has an anecdote about a very interesting guest houses. The number is in there, and she accepted her new man in love is 5 days, then he led her to a lot of neighborhood cafes. Only when two people walk into the coffee shop is not up call drinks bar staff gave them ... room key. They were silly people, it turns out this is a disguised motel coffee gardens. Much later, in a moment of high inspiration, he confessed to her, he knew that role in the break and that her "make goods" for it by the city only. Thank God she is now my friend and the guy "cunning" and was married there, not a man of his khanh, professional woman to run onto the village.So understood, perhaps psychology that men, too, love is "like" and when "want" is always on the next plot brewing, and this time jump of their minds, transform and active.


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