Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Because sex workers refused the request of his parents, an Afghan girl was beaten and locked her husband in the toilet for 5 months.

Girls with my husband 5 months locked in the toilet
Afghan women still suffer more violence in the past. (Photo: EPA)
Yesterday, officials in Afghanistan reported, the girl named Sahar Gul (15) was found in the basement of her husband in Baghlan province, northeast of the country on Monday (26/12), after when her parents informed her daughter's disappearance to the police. According to local officials, Sahar Gul got married seven months ago in the province of Badakhshan, but later lived with her husband in Baghlan. During this time, her parents lost contact with his daughter.
"She was beaten with a broken arm and spit nails," the police chief Fazel Rahman told AFP. Three women, including the girl's mother, was arrested related to the incident, but her husband She then fled.The hospital director Pul-i-Khurmeri where victims treated, said the girl was taken to hospital in a state of severe shock, with multiple wounds in the legs and face.
This incident added to thicken the profile page of the status of women suffer violence in Afghanistan, despite billions of dollars in international aid have been poured into this country during the war lasted a decade.
Only in your II/2011, the independent Human Rights Commission 1026 Afghanistan has been sanctioned violence that victims are women, while in 2010 only 2,700 cases. According to statistics from the Oxfam report last October, 87% of Afghan women have suffered physical violence, sexual, mental and forced marriage.
Sahar Gul's case occurred after a woman named Gulnaz was pardoned and freed earlier this month.This woman has been jailed for two years to adultery with a married person, and must bear the sentence of 12 years in prison. Before that, she was jailed after telling police that his brother-in-law was an assault. Gulnaz then gave birth to a baby (the result of rape) in prison.
Last month, the United Nations said a bill important to protect women from violence in Afghanistan has been used to prosecute about 100 cases since it was issued two years ago.


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