Wednesday, December 28, 2011

There is no shortage at Truc Diem to give all glory to the stage and the reputation of a beauty queen to return to her busy life no problems, no worries.

Truc Diem: 'It is time to abandon all'
- Closing years old, you see everything that happens to me how?
- A year went by me and many surprises, peace and good. Perhaps the terrible bad luck has happened in the year before so everything went smoothly and feel good. Although not perfect but better than what I was afraid of the concept of "five years" before.
- Repeatedly facing pressure from public opinion, she is afraid of the title Miss on her shoulders that have been in charge?
- I think that celebrities are always living under extreme attention from the public, I have known people new to say much about her so. Furthermore I just live right, live well, people do not want to put it more for the story to tell. As the title of Miss, I feel it helps you live better sense, that honor and responsibility.
Whether it be myself who I am. I always determine whether to become rich and powerful or just a normal girl, I would still be yourself, have fun and true harmony. Fate led me to the public and to the limelight, there were times when I want a normal life, to give up all, but maybe I can not deny the way God has led me to.
- By now, you feel the difference most well known and not known for what?
- Do not famous, nobody care, no judge, even though it is known that the offspring will also be a big deal.
Truc Diem: 'It is time to abandon all'
- Actress, model, singer she worked all over, whether she still wants more tests in any other job?
- If so, will the business.
- Many people say so many things you embrace that effort is limited to new and better not undertake the work. Personally you think?
- The child is so eager to win in the blood as much, then go through the new shape is what you really want and can do well anywhere. I'm not afraid to stumble or fail, that any targets will also achieve the aspired time. Rather than shy like in its sheath.
Next time I will focus on fashion. This is the best thing, is that I have the most seniority. I will concentrate on modeling work as well as what related to fashion in the future.
- Work is so, but her love is at where?
- I am looking for answers to his questions. (Laughter)
- The concept of the importance of her love life how?
- Love is indispensable and it is emotionally nurturing soul, it's great if you find a true half of his life.
- Have you ever had to stand between her choices between work and love?
- Yes, first I choose love, but now if you had to choose again I would choose work and family.
- Who is the most influential in her life?
- My mother.
- There are rumors she had to voice her mother to the mother grieved for a long time, this real?
- The first time I heard this, is absolutely not true. I always loved his mother. Who only has a mother, please be wise and loving mother said.
Truc Diem: 'It is time to abandon all'
- The daughter must shoulder the responsibility of breadwinner, is when you feel exhausted?
- Yes, many times, but because the family business, I always take the family the strength to try harder.
- Her sister was always great, you have to follow the art direction I like the pair of you other artists?


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