Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Movement prone shooting Planking or online chat service Skype also among the top 10 questions are most interested in in 2011.

For many people, Google Search has become indispensable in your life. When there are problems to questions, the user only takes a few minutes to find dozens of answers to be selective and find the appropriate answer for himself.
Among the questions posed by users in 2011 most of this, "love" seems to have been the subject of greatest interest, and the concept of love is also the most mysterious things that many can not be defined.
Here are the top 10 questions that are most searched on Google in 2011:
10. + What is Google?
Google's new social network get a lot of attention from users last time. However, the extent of its success is by no means guaranteed.
10 most popular questions on Google
9. What is gout?
Gout is a disease common in current life, expressed through the pain or swelling when eating foods high in protein. The more people interested in this disease showed that the imbalance in the use of many foods.
10 most popular questions on Google
8. What is Lupus?
Lupus erythematosus Lupus, also known as a complex chronic inflammation, if left untreated can affect many different parts such as blood, kidney, skin and joints.
10 most popular questions on Google
7. What is Autism?
Autism or autism is growing in modern life, making many parents feel a headache. We also have many schools for children with autism born.
10 most popular questions on Google
6. What Dupteps music?
Dupteps a genre of electronic music, drugs appear from early 2000 in England. This music sounds converge bizarre hallucinations brought from other electronic instruments so special.
Video A young man playing the background music Dupstep beatbox.
5. What is Skype?
Skype is one of the best communication software in the world, but not everyone know this form. The evidence is still there are countless people who want to find out what Skype is. Vietnamese point of this kind of advantage is the direct calls through Skype account for sound quality and very good picture compared to the traditional style voice chat.
10 most popular questions on Google
4. What is Gluten?
This is somewhat surprising, because the name gluten is not too strange to many people. This is a protein found in grains, especially wheat.
10 most popular questions on Google
3. What is Twitter?
Perhaps many people want to find out exactly what is the meaning of Twitter, but Twitter is probably the name is familiar to them. Social networking is very popular in America and some developed countries in the world.
10 most popular questions on Google
2. Planking is what?
Camera movement in the prone position has attracted the attention of young people in particular. The pictures in private land face down in a warm welcome, even to the extreme as in the case of death of a young person in Australia in May this year.
10 most popular questions on Google
1. What is love?
"What is love" is probably the subject of eternity that everyone questions. But on Google to find an answer seems not a very appropriate way for your child. For love, each person should have the feel, the definition of their own.
10 most popular questions on Google


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