Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Many people worldwide have come to expect and wait on the arrival of the iPhone 5 but in the end only iPhone 4S. But surely the valuable improvements of iPhone users 4S helped subside nostalgia iPhone 5.

iPhone 4S - Great work by Apple
And now let's check the highlights can not ignore the cult of the smart phone world technologies are light!
In addition to designing the hardware and a similar number of siblings, the iPhone 4 Apple's new smartphone has many new upgrades worth it: A5 CPU faster, more powerful, excellent 8 MP camera and an antenna system new wave antenna supports both CDMA and GSM.
The sensor of the camera iPhone 4S not only larger but also improved the BSI sensors, five element lens, the focal length f/2.4. Images from iPhone 4S for extremely excellent quality and you can fully use instead of the conventional camera. iPhone 4 sometimes is not true for the color but the iPhone 4S, you will have super sharp images with true color.
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Not only that, the camcorder also common threat to the iPhone 4S . 1080p HD video recording capability was very impressive, but Apple also added that the new enhancements such as anti-vibration makes your video quality becomes more beautiful.
And most especially to improve the iPhone version 4: Siri - allows applications to speech recognition tasks that you normally do by hand such as: call, write and send messages, open applications installed on your computer, check the weather, make the reminder or note, find your way, send email or pop music ...
Opportunity to own free iPhone 4s
To own hands 4S iPhone is the dream of youth. But price is always worth bother. So how do you satisfy a passion for technology with the iPhone 4S this beautiful?
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