Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The satellite was named Meridian Russian Soyuz rocket put into orbit exploded just minutes after leaving the launch pad, making it one of its fragments fell on houses in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Accordingly, one of the fragments of it have created a large hole size 1 x 1.5 (m) on the roof of a house in the village Vagaitsevo, Novosibirsk region, Russia. Fortunately, When the incident occurred, the owner of the house is going Collecting Firewood out of should not cause any damage to people.
In addition, a local security official confirmed the debris with a diameter of 50 cm can not be determined by weight of the cause of the accident rare. Irony in đó Circumstance, this house is located on a street named after the hero in the Aerospace sector of the Soviet Union and Russia.
Russian satellite explosions, debris fell on houses
Meridian satellite was launched into orbit.
Theo Pevel Ivarovsky, head Ordynsky district - where falling debris, rare cases has damaged the roof and chimney of the house. "I was there and talk to home owners. Part satellite hit did not cause much damage. Tuy nhiên, experts are still conducting damage We can estimates the real number nhận the compensation, "he said Ivarovsky.
Meridian is a communications satellite was launched into orbit Friday evening (23/12). Tuy nhiên, problems have occurred with Soyuz rocket, causing it to explode in the air. Fragments of rockets and satellites are Scattered in an area 100 kilometers south of Novosibirsk center . The satellite fragments were withdrawn after night to Quickly nhận the cause of the explosion.
The incident occurred under heavy pressure placed on Aerospace agency Russia, because-only in the past year, nearly a dozen of the Russian satellite crash on orbit. Most recently, the Mars satellite Phobos-Grunt is lost shortly after launch trajectory is Considered a serious defeat of Russia in the dream to conquer Mars. The incident was the Russian president ordered an investigation to find the cause.
Debris fell on the people of Meridian is one of the rare cases on record. Tuy nhiên, it made ​​nhiều People fear losing the ability of satellites to Earth orbit work will cause disasters to Humans, Especially in the context of the frequency of similar cases are on the tăng.


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