Thursday, December 29, 2011

An unexplained explosion caused a large fire in the market of Yangon City, Myanmar this morning was at least 15 people dead and dozens injured.

15 people died in Myanmar explosion
At least 15 people died in unexplained explosions in Myanmar. (Photo: Reuters)
According to the Telegraph , people in some areas in the city were large explosions awakened at 2 am. The explosion occurred in a warehouse in the town of health Mingalar Taung Nyunt, then caused a large fire. A security official at the scene said 10 men and 5 women were killed, including three firefighters. In addition, at least 65 people were injured.
"We are still listing the victims. We will also try to find the cause of the explosion and fire, "the unnamed official told AFP . He also said that fire crews are difficult to extinguish the flames, but fire can be controlled.
15 people died in Myanmar explosion
Fire and smoke from a warehouse at the scene of the explosion. (Photo: AP)
"We heard a huge explosion and saw smoke rising in the sky. The we also were rocked by explosions. We do not know what is happening," said a resident of neighboring towns Botahtaung Access said.
Last week, an explosion killed a woman and another man injured in northern Yangon. Myamar happened several bombings in the last few years, most are mild. Officials often blame armed exile groups or ethnic minority soldiers who caused the explosion.


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