Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One of the most active volcano in Indonesia has the most active eruption this morning, do not panic people, but officials did not immediately order the evacuation.

People panic because Indonesia volcano eruption
Lokon volcanic ash eruption in July.
Talking to AFP from a monitoring station near the volcano on the island of Sulawesi, an expert mountain half Farid Bina said the first eruption of Mount Lokon is at 3h07 am, followed by two explosions within a few minutes .
"The eruption could be heard at the remote location 5 km, causing panic to people living in villages near the volcano," he said adding that the wind blew volcanic ash to the throne 5 km away from the village to the east and northeast. "The village of about 20,000 people affected by dust, but this morning the situation has ended," Bina said.
In July, more than 5,200 people were evacuated, the 1.580m high volcano Lokon intense activity. It was blowing a huge cloud of ash high into the sky 3.500m. Deadly eruption most recent was in 1991 Lokon mountain, killed a Swiss tourist.
Indonesia is the island has dozens of volcanoes and active fault line between the earth's crust known as the "Pacific Ring of Fire". Volcanic activity is the most powerful Merapi Indonesia, located in central Java. Last year, this volcano has claimed the lives of 350 people, in a series of violent eruptions.


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