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It was the event of nuclear reactor of Dalat is started again by scientists in Vietnam, GS Huang pancreas was awarded Constantin Caratheodory Mathematics Prize, laparoscopic pancreatic cut-dozen blocks at 103 Hospital ...

Club Journalist of Science and Technology of Vietnam (Vietnam Journalists' Association) has announced the 10 science events and emerging technology in 2011. Most of the events mentioned above is the result of the implementation of Decision No 171/2004/QĐ-TTg, dated 09/28/2004 of the Prime Minister made project to renovate the management mechanism of scientific activities and technology.
Here are 10 facts of science and technology in 2011 the most prominent in the fields of social sciences and humanities policy mechanisms; honored scientist of international integration on science and technology; technology applications.
The scheme "Establishment and development of lands South" - Field of Social Sciences and Humanities
On 10/10/2011, at the Ministry of Science and Technology, took place the meeting of State accepted the project "Establishment and development of the South region." Scheme by Phan Huy Le GS.VS as Chairman, Association of Science of Vietnam's history is the lead agency. Council acceptance of nine members appointed by Prof. Dr. Phung Huu Phu, Deputy Chairman of the Standing Central Theoretical Council chairman. Council voted to excellent reviews of the project results.
Social science projects for the State, "Establishment and development of lands South" has been deployed since late in 2007, the study of natural conditions, history and economic characteristics, social associations, cultural area of ​​South Vietnam from the source to this day. The scheme covers 11 topics. Research results of the project were: To establish the issues in methodological research approach the South region; to clarify the history, the specific economic, social, cultural and device management tasks for development, ensuring national security in the South region, building a scientific basis to clarify and confirm the legal basis of territorial sovereignty in the land of South Vietnam Ministry in line with international practices, as well the initial propagation and dissemination of research results to staff and local residents and people throughout the country.
Technological innovation fund country - Scope policy mechanisms
On 5 / 8, the Prime Minister signed the decision to fund the national technological innovation. In the context of international economic integration, enhancing the technological competitiveness for businesses, especially small and medium enterprises is essential. However, to implement international commitments, the State will not continue financial assistance directly to businesses. Therefore, the establishment of the Innovation Fund is a national technology essential.
With a chartered capital of VND 1,000 billion allocated from the state budget for scientific and technological activities, the Foundation Technological innovation is a national organization of State financial and operating not-for-profit, which functions to provide preferential loans , the interest rate support loans and loan guarantees for capital support to organizations, individuals and businesses to undertake research, transfer, innovation and technological perfection.
Funds are used to 50% state budget for implementation of interest rate support loans, preferential loans, guarantees for loans. After completion of the construction operation regulations, the fund will focus on supporting various forms for more than 3,000 enterprises and science and technology.
Budget is allocated to the project's largest science and technology
On 24/11, the Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan announced the project design and chip manufacturing, card and reader is invested 145.7 billion. Of which, capital investment budget of 124.8 trillion dong, the rest is the contribution of the Industrial Corporation Sai Gon. This is the sum of the largest ever for a project in science technology. Above project designing and manufacturing process 32 bit chip in RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification - identification using radio waves) and UHF radio marketed products for applications in fields related to information ca personnel such as electronic identity cards, tags out to and control the quality of goods ...
Project owner is School National University Ho Chi Minh City, a four-year implementation period.Ministry of Science and Technology Program is developing national product between now and 2015.Which will focus on investment to develop these products. The results of the above project aims to create product catalogs in the country.
Professor Huang was awarded Pancreas mathematics "Constantin Caratheodory Prize" - Field to honor scientists
Constantin Caratheodory award is named after the famous mathematician Greeks (1873-1950) to honor outstanding contributions have been tested over time. The criteria of the award include excellence, originality, significance, depth and impact of scientific contributions. Award will be awarded biennially to individuals or collective outstanding contributions to fundamental theory and application programming in the field of global optimization, starting in 2011. World Congress on global optimization of the second was held in Greece from May 3 to 7 / 7, has decided to award first prize to Professor Hoang pancreas, whose pioneering contributions to the dark global optimization.
10 Events of Science and Technology Highlights in 2011
Professor Hoang Pancreas
GS Huang Pancreas born in 1927, a Ph.D. in mathematics, the research function, optimization theory, convex analysis, mathematical economics. He served as Director of the Institute of Mathematics, visiting professor of many universities in the world. He considered mathematics paved the way for a major new mathematics, the "father of global optimization." He was a builder and organizational basis of the application of mathematics to economic management in Vietnam, and contribute to research and revive education and economic issues, the country's society. He was awarded the Ho Chi Minh Prize in 1996 batch, Phan Chau Trinh Award in 2010.
Nuclear reactor of Dalat is started up by the scientists Vietnam
For nearly 50 years, nuclear reactor in Da Lat has done three times in the oven launch special importance. For the first time in 1963. Last Monday in early 1984.
10 Events of Science and Technology Highlights in 2011
Nuclear reactor in Dalat.
Reactor startup Dalat Nuclear 30/10 last day is considered the third most important times in history.From this point, the operation of the reactor is maintained by all of the low enriched fuel bundles containing U-235 content less than 20%.
This is a memorable event not only significant in demonstrating the consistent policy of Vietnam is to use atomic energy for peaceful purposes and committed to non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. The event also marked a milestone in the path of developing nuclear energy sector in Vietnam. For the first time in team history includes only operating engineers Vietnam has successfully launch a nuclear reactor. This is a group of scientists and technological strengths in the field of atomic energy in Vietnam.
Conference of Ministers of ASEAN countries in science and technology - fields of international integration on science and technology
From 21 to 26/11, Vietnam has organized and chaired the successful Ministerial Conference of Science and Technology (Science and Technology) The 14th ASEAN (AMMST-14) and the Conference Committee of Science and Industry 62nd ASEAN Technology (COST-62) in Ho Chi Minh City.
AMMST Conference COST-62-14 and discuss the issues to further strengthen cooperation in science and technology in the ASEAN region, towards the building of ASEAN Community by 2015 based on three pillars: community - political security (APSC), Economic Community (AEC) and socio-cultural community (ACSC). This is the first time Vietnam successfully hosted the Ministerial Conference ASEAN Science and Technology, is an opportunity to reaffirm the role and position of Vietnam in the international arena after the show to the Chairmanship of ASEAN in 2010.
90m water jackups - Fields of application technology
On 10 / 9, in oil and gas port of Vung Tau, the National Oil and Gas Group Vietnam held a ceremony to launch jackups 90m of water, after 26 months of construction, mining and gas extraction rig Jupiter.This work was fund development of science and technology countries (Ministry of Science and Technology) grant contract funding for the project topics and assigned to Company Manufacturing Oil rig (PV Shipyard) - Petro Vietnam hosted. Jackups 90m of water with a weight 12 tons, 145 meters long legs, drilled to 6.1 km depth. Rig under hurricane winds of 12 equivalent, works well in extreme weather. The work has been the Registry United States Maritime certification under international standards.
Manufacturing Project jackups is a project of national key engineering and construction projects have scientific and technological research funded by the development of science and technology national support. This is also the scientific and technological projects of mechanical largest capital in Vietnam today.
This is the national key engineering was first detailed design and erection in Vietnam. The science and technology has made all sail rig technology to lift above. Our country became one of three countries in Asia and 1 in 10 countries around the world for detailed design and erection of jackups meet international standards. Henceforth our country erection active jackups that are not imported as before.
Tomography scanners in the industry
One of the difficulties in activities of science and technology in our country today is lack of qualified human resources, especially in the field of atomic energy. However, many difficulties to overcome the Center for Applied Sciences of nuclear techniques in industry (branch of the Vietnam Atomic Energy) has successfully design and manufacture tomography scanners in the industry.
This type of computer scientists from domestic and manufacturing software written in 100% of equipment in Vietnam. Principle of operation of a gamma ray is taken on core objects to determine the internal structure, in order to produce images of the objects contained in order to find defects ...without opening the equipment or the dissection artifacts. Each machine is worth more than $ 8,300.
The International Atomic Agency (IAEA) has decided to purchase six machines above and transferred to six in Thailand, Philippines, Pakistan, Myanmar, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and also assigned to classes center for technology transfer technical staff of six countries receiving machine.
Operate production line electronics and telecommunications services most Southeast Asian
Electronic Production Center Viettel has officially commissioned the production line of electronic telecommunications device with the most modern technology in Southeast Asia. Lines with a total investment value of more than 200 billion. The production line is designed to reach 5 million USB 3G/nam; or 3 million phones / year or 900,000 computers / year. Quality of products meet the highest international standards.
This line entirely by the Vietnam build configuration options, installation and operation of modern equipment thanks to the investment cost savings. The inclusion of the above line was put into operation after a year of deployment not only realize the strategic electronics manufacturing telecommunication suit development and foreign markets, but also of Viettel an example of socialized capital investment for technology transfer activities of modern production.
Laparoscopic surgery to cut away from me - but at 103 Hospital
May 10/2011, Faculty of Foreign Doctors abdomen (B2) - 103 Hospital (Hanoi) laparoscopic surgery successfully cut a dozen blocks - the pancreas. This is the most difficult types of surgery, most complex, the technical peak in abdominal surgery. During surgery just small mistakes can cause damage to other organs, tear, cut major blood vessels leading to bleeding filled abdomen, to move an emergency laparotomy or threat of death on the operating table.
Cut off from me - pancreas by laparoscopic surgery requires the surgeon experience, skills, best practices and tactics very delicate handling. The success of the surgery has opened a new research direction was very positive, not only to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of laparoscopic surgery, but also opens up the possibility of wide application of the method above, even for complex medical cases.


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