Monday, December 26, 2011

A U.S. teenager has become the world's youngest person to climb the highest peaks on all seven continents.

Jordan Romero (15) has climbed Vinson Massif in Antarctica 4.897m high on Saturday (24/12). This is the last mountain in the trial that he made six starts last year. His climbing team, consisting of father and stepmother, hoping to complete the mountain down to the camp yesterday. Immediately after the final climb to the summit, Jordan was happy to call to inform her mother.
15-year-old record climbed seven peaks in the world
Jordan Romero has set a record climbing the highest peaks in seven continents.
At age 10, Jordan has climbed Kilimanjaro in Africa. 13-year-old boy in California is to climb Everest world's highest peak. With the above achievements, Jordan broke the previous record of British mountain climber, George Atkinson. This kid complete record at age 16 on January 5 / 2011.
Father of Jordan said, during the climb Vinson Massif, there were strong winds at 27 km / h and the temperature dropped to -32 degrees C. "It was a legendary day. Our team is strong enough to overcome the difficulties. The mountain gods bless us also climbed to the summit of Vinson Massif is.We are a perfect team, "Peter shared his father after the boy climb the highest mountain of Antarctica.
The other peaks that Jordan had conquered the peak Elbrus, Russia (7 / 2007), the top of Aconcagua, Argentina (12/2007), the top of McKinley, United States (6 / 2008) and Mount Carstensz Pyramid, Indonesia (9 / 2009) . April / 2007, Jordan also climbed the highest mountain Kosciuszko Australia.


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