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Dozens of people dead or permanently injured in the wreck train travel, rail accidents, automobile accidents ... a picture of gray reflect the traffic situation in Vietnam in 2011.

The most catastrophic accident in 2011
Gray picture of the traffic situation in Vietnam in 2011
Obsession for 10 people burned to death in Binh Thuan
Early morning of 7 / 11, car driver container by Tran Thanh Thien (22), live stream Tan commune, Cam Lam district, Khanh Hoa run on Highway 1A, the past of Hong Son (Ham Thuan Bac district, Binh Thuan) concrete directly into high quality car Hoang Long's opposite direction.
The most catastrophic accident in 2011
The horror of the tragic accident happened in Binh Thuan
After the collision, the car continued driving container lost car crashed into the Pacific ocean of 54 seats by the driver Bui Xuan Ly (40), live in Tien Hai and Thai Binh helm. Strong collision car on fire causing intense.
8 people died on the spot fire, two people died on the way to the hospital and 28 people injured.
The most catastrophic accident in 2011
Picture a child his head down when you see a mother cry that the witnesses did not stop crying
What is most painful during the rescue, a girl stuck in the car, while the flame is gradually sharp, with great sorrow: "The comments make me strong legs to go ..." . Image that is most depressing that people witnessed the tragic accident.
Department vehicle turn wood catastrophic, "" Fire the staff side ... "
Dawn on 7 / 12, at steep Pu Huot, the Tong Binh Chuan, Con Cuong district, Nghe An incident tragic accident caused 10 people dead, seven wounded. The car driver ben by Vuong Dinh Hanh Chau resident Ly Quy Hop district, Nghe An controls, carrying timber from Xieng My commune, Tuong Duong district when the Tong Binh Brigadier suddenly capsized.
The most catastrophic accident in 2011
Field wooden tragic car wreck in Nghe An
Related to this tragic accident, the police CQDT Nghe An province have arrested the driver of emergency Vuong Dinh Hanh and two rangers Dao Cong Thang and Nguyen Kim Hung to serve the investigation.
The most catastrophic accident in 2011
Image mourning covers people in the accident.
Continued to convene his CQDT Phan Sy Tuan, ranger stations or located in Russia My Tuong Duong district and also the units of Pu ranger. Mr. Tuan was identified as drivers of passenger cars and Hung Thang two left the scene after the accident, leaving his wife to the dead wood and catastrophic injuries.
Passenger car tire explosions, crashes into truck chassis on the highway
According to witnesses who survived, about 3 am on 13 / 6, in the village area 4, Thanh Phu, Ben Luc, Long An, 8 ton trucks flow direction from Tien Giang in Vietnam has suddenly burst tire and wheel covers loss of employment in line.
The most catastrophic accident in 2011
The car accident on the highway-Ho Chi Minh Trung Luong
This time, the 16-seat bus carrying 18 people running behind at high speed should be handled by not working directly on a truck chassis, the car crushed both cringe.
The most catastrophic accident in 2011
8 dead, 10 injured in tragic accidents ever to occur in the above highway
Traffic collision occurred on the highway Trung Luong - City that killed eight people, injured 10 others.
The family died carpet in the third tone between street car
Terrible accident occurred at 22h40 minutes, on 10/12 at Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC. HCM.
At the time the car ran in the direction of four seats from the district of Binh Thanh District 1. When I went over to Nguyen Huu Canh, then this car suddenly flew across the median into the opposite direction to hit directly at the car made by Mr. Tran Van The driver transporting children is Tran Thi Bich Lien.
The most catastrophic accident in 2011
The horrific accident scene in which four people died overnight
Timeliness of 7 car seat by Le Minh Dang driver, live in District 3, HCMC. HCM also came to the car flew into the top four places that heavily damaged car.
Department for serious traffic accidents claimed the lives of four people including Tran Thi Bich Lien (40-year-old native of Hanoi, Hieu's mother), Tran Van Section (75 years old, he's Hieu) and Nguyen Tri China (16) and Nguyen Tri Hieu (9 years).
The accident horrified at the railway bridge Ghenh
Serious accident on the bridge Ghenh (located adjacent 2 Buu Hoa and Hiep Hoa commune, Bien Hoa city) occurred on the evening of 6/2/2011 (ie 4 th festival at Tan Mao). At that time, the line consists of five cars from the flow direction of Bien Hoa city center to the suburbs, a leader in automotive fleet was by Nguyen Minh Chau driver control. When it comes to the opposite side Ghenh appearance by Nguyen Hung Quoc taxi driver running in the opposite direction interfere.
The most catastrophic accident in 2011
The accident at the bridge Genh is the biggest alarm bell on the loss of traffic safety at all points of students have come across railway
When there is a "face" each other, European and International driver no one to give way to arguments causing congestion on the bridge. By 19h34, the bridge signal lights were broken but Ghenh 800m Quang Su Mathematics, maintenance staff, signal lights, failing to promptly fix to not warn the user and to train from Hanoi to HCM City within the region. Although there is no demand signal information, but Nguyen Van Tuy and Nguyen Xuan Phu is the ship on station in Bien Hoa.
The most catastrophic accident in 2011
Genh railway bridge incident also shows awareness of road is now very poor driver
When the barrier of 3 and 4 at the bridge rapids, four staff on duty that is traffic barrier on the bridge but not a signal for stopping the ship SE2, SE2 cardboard to ship in six cars, as two people dead, 24 wounded.
In relation to this case, the police agency CSDT Bien Hoa city has completed the investigation concluded, the same level proposed VKSND prosecute the accused caused 9 accidents at railway bridge Ghenh.
A feast of great Birthday Funeral on Saigon River
The feast of the birthday boy became a director of the tragedy, the Saigon River mourning color white towel. Third birthday of the baby Guo Hong Dat, his son Guo Liang Tai, director of Lan Anh - Manufacturing equipment gas stove (located in An Phu ward, town Thuan An, Binh Duong province) and sister Tran Thi Tuong (31) have dozens of friends, former colleagues to attend.
The most catastrophic accident in 2011
Inside the dock area KDL Din Ky, where ships in distress derived
Grand birthday party was held at the resort Signature Din on the Saigon River (through the Ren Binh town Thuan An, Binh Duong).
The most catastrophic accident in 2011
Sign Din Tau is pouring out of the water picked up after crash
Around 19pm, yacht pulled anchor, ran towards the Saigon River. When a ship is 100 meters from the shore to see rain, wind, boat and tipped chao. Many people fall into the river, some swimming to shore.
Boat wreck two floors which 16 people died, including at least three foreign tourists.
12 tourists killed in the sinking on Ha Long Bay
Sinking boat on the island of Ti-top (Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh) morning on 17 / 2 that 27 people on board crashed.
Cruise ship carrying 19 foreign tourists stay overnight on the island of Ti-top region (Ha Long - Quang Ninh) sank on the morning of 17 / 2.
The most catastrophic accident in 2011
The ship sank on Ti-tier island that killed 12 tourists
The ship is a ship in distress travel Changhai Company Limited (Quang Ninh). Specifically, 19 foreign tourists from 11 countries, two tourists Vietnam and six crew members on board.
Sinking that 10 foreign tourists and two Vietnamese tourists were killed.


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