Friday, December 30, 2011

The outstanding events in the world in the past year as "Arab spring", the Japanese earthquake or tsunami floods in Thailand ... moments are associated with animals.

Files snakes swimming on the highway is the route taken on 3/11/2011
Caoricorn, located 6 km south of Rockhampton. Rockhampton City, state,
Queensland, Australia is regarded as the center of the flood, when the major cause flooding several
Rescue workers found a rabbit alive under mud after landslides
devastated Teresopolis, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The disaster has claimed the lives
of 350 people and left 50 people missing.
Professional dog run around a squad soldiers are fighting against hand
guns Taliban in Afghanistan Monday 4/2/2011. Despite spending more money and manpower, but the
U.S. and its allies still can not defeat the terrorists scattered in the area
between Afghanistan and Pakistan border.
The anti-government protesters painted their white pigeons, symbols
for peace in Bahrain today 24/02/2011. Influenced by the movement of "Spring
Arabs ", people in Bahrain also took to the streets to protest the injustice being
existed but was pushed back government troops.
Dogs and a soldier of the U.S. Army parachute jump from a CH-47
Chinook training in a district round the Gulf of Mexico.
Go deer forests located in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant 30 km. Zone
this area which is very rare because the footprint of radioactive contamination, although 25 years have passed since
the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Ukraine.
The girl stood in the isolation area to play with a dog outside in Nihonmatsi,
northern Japan Tuesday 14/3/2011. Earthquake with tsunami Tuesday 11 / 3
has caused the reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was damaged and caused
a release of radioactivity.
The dogs left behind when people rushed to evacuate for fear of radiation leaks from
power plants Fukushima.
The birds perch on the roof of a car was swept away by the tsunami Monday 11 / 3.
Butterflies flying in front of a national park flowers Apache, New Mexico, U.S.,
behind which is the white smoke rises blue sky cover. The fire
has destroyed 45% of the forest.
The cat sat near fighters Yemen house ruins in a duel because of
warfare between rebels and government troops.
These sheep are victims of bombings in Quetta, Pakistan. The bomb was placed
on a bicycle exploded that injured two people Thursday 13 / 6.
The pigeons perched on the branch curve for long-term dry in Kenya today
5/7/2011. Severe drought caused famine has left hundreds of thousands of people in the Horn of Africaperished, millions of people to leave their homes to find the center of the United Nations Relief.

Aggressive dogs are also involved violence against the police in the capital Athens,
Horses find food on a street in Sirte, Gaddafi homeland leaders after
the fighting turned the place into rubble ruins.
Dogs sleep in bed with all in the context of flood water into the house, hit
everything sink in Bangkok, Thailand.
This dog is very lucky to find a tribute to a shelter, after the
flood attack the capital Bangkok on 26/11.


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