Tuesday, December 27, 2011

IPad 81, 710 PCs were sold worldwide in just a minute short.

Every minute is 925 4S iPhones sold
Website design firm GO-Globe has Announced the very interesting data related to hi-tech sector in 2011 in the past. Accordingly, in every 60 seconds, the iPhone Apple Sells 925 4S, 81 iPad.Meanwhile, rivals are selling 103 RIM BlackBerry, Amazon Kindle Sells the Fire 18.
More than 700 personal computers (PC) were Traded During the period you make a bed Yawning, Among mà, 232 units were ngay infected with spyware. An alarming number of very short khác Within a minute, Approximately 2 million People are watching pornographic content on the Internet.
Theo GO-Globe , about 7 million Conversations taking place on the mobile device Within 60 seconds, and 38 tons of electronic waste (e-waste) is discharged. Every minute of the PayPal transaction worth up to $ 219,000, Of which $ 10,000 was sent from the mobile device. There are cũng Traded products on eBay 950 and 180 Of which are made ​​by phone or tablet in 60 seconds.
Every minute is 925 4S iPhones sold
Before the time of launch Windows 8, Windows 7 is still selling well, shown in đó there are about 450 disks in Windows 7 are sold every minute. At the same time, about 4.000 units sold USB.
Those are Impressive numbers, showing the impact of technology on human life in two thousand and eleven. 2,012th Further Promises to be a boom years of the mobile device. Therefore, the statistics may be Even more Impressive.


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