Thursday, December 29, 2011

Security personnel at an airport in Argentina was appalled to discover hundreds of snakes crawling crawling in your luggage at a Czech man who prepared a plane to Spain.

Portable suitcase full of poisonous snakes on a plane
Snakes were placed in plastic boxes and preparing to board the plane.
Karel Abelovsky (51) required to open the luggage in Buenos Aires international airport after police found snakes through X-ray scanner. Security team has discovered 247 exotic snakes are endangered, are placed in plastic containers, bags and all. Each of the pasted text with Latin scientific names.
"Airport staff could not believe my eyes when they see signs of movement in the suitcase. It looks like a cartoon, "the source of Marcelo Aguinsky office said the judge.
Abelovsky was released on bail with a $ 2,500 fee after the delivery of passports and refused to talk, but he could face 10 years prison sentence. Abelovsky only to Argentina a few days earlier, not enough time to focus on a number of his animals so much. An official said a likely Abelovsky who deliver to a criminal organization, specializing in smuggling exotic species banned from export in Argentina.
Aguinsky judges believe that tropical American snake, pit-viper venomous snakes, coral snakes, lizards and spiders can escape the grip of its Iberia flight on 7 / 12. Then they can attack people on the plane or at the final destination in Prague, where the antidote to the South American snakes are not popular.
Most of the animals and insects are kept are kept under quarantine at the Buenos Aires zoo, while a number of venomous snakes are sent to the National Institutes of Health of Argentina. This is where scientists have developed an antidote using the venom of the snake.


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