Friday, December 30, 2011

An anonymous reader sends a sincere heart to the father as the driver, who had raised her to people and expect all comments to her father quit smoking tips to keep healthy.

The letter touched your daughter for three
I am a director of a media company. But this completely personal PR purposes and does not use any skills of communicators. Merely as a beloved daughter of his father earnestly.
Every day I read everywhere that people cheer, businessmen extolled the genius, the billionaires are rich or the intellectual achievement. Also, I honor his father, a simple, low-literate, but me personally, he is an epitome of respectable and great.
My father was a driver.
Occupation driver heard the war was considered very important. But I started to learn the second level, when the family moved from Hung Yen to Hanoi to live, sometimes the teacher asked, "My parents made them a job? "Or something, I have time to be shy, do not dare to answer confidently.My friends, their parents are engineers, doctors ... People often blow job driver easy pancake many wives, many children fall much because nomad. I fear to a new level of class 3, see my father sent photos taken with the colleagues that she sat near the father. I smear it all over her little face. Grade 5, when I grew older, I observed the first seven weeks that my father is from Hanoi to visit my mother, regularly.
The first year after moving to the city, my family five people living in a dormitory room the old French style, width approximately 20 m 2 . Every mother waiting guests, no place is, my brother to get into the wardrobe to sleep. My meal of vegetables than meat. So much so that each time bringing vegetables from the second floor to the public water tap to wash the floor first, must always be divided into two baskets of vegetables was so afraid to laugh too afraid neighbors. Yet somehow, we never felt that need.
Breakfast of each of you I am a 1000 contract, enough to buy a package away. If you want to eat noodles package, I have to fast one meal to spend. Flood peers, each child was 5,000 contracts, enough to eat pho. But not so that you even complaining. Because we know, my father fasted morning.
Time for two, every summer, my father went to work, I have to go along. Sitting in the car, looked at her father and uncle talking colleagues published work that silence does not understand anything, they look tired when they sleep, while the tired father chewing gum to try to sober drivers, my gut began head pain from it.
Every agency published a picnic, the children of her staff do not understand the comment accidentally or intentionally, they are pretty close to your hard drive. Sometimes a distinction invisible distance at which the child's position as I understand. I love my father whistled a cigarette at times pensive look into infinite space.
At times, I started thinking, "Dad, wait for the adults, I definitely will make your father proud of the father".
I remember one picture, heavy rain, my father came home in a rare state of apathy. Until last night my mother told me the agency announced downsizing, announced the head of the car, but because people hate to vote or not to publish, says father not responsible. And maybe he will be retiring soon. I immediately find the phone number of the note is director of the British announcement. I called directly to the comment that said I wanted to meet her uncle. He's willing to listen to the daughter of a "passion, dedication to the profession over 20 years," said the father he's more about me?! I want to suggest he's a fair solution to evaluate how he's a jealous type is common in Vietnam. I wish my father were pure and retire in peace, not death by reason, and of course romantic flashed too ridiculous, bad breath, the other false.
Note directors did not see me. But the result, my father is not retiring.
My father does not at all know about what I did. He continued to raise money for my brother.
My brother learned two universities. Every day he went on about 30km away, the first year, he cycled to school, definitely not a complaint. Year 2, father bought him a dream car, then to me, and my brother to his car.
My dad's closet have a frayed fabric and old, there are a whole half a decade and still in the closet. I often stand silent for a long time to see them. Little shopping for his father, the money available to buy a new backpack, new leather jacket ghile ... I present to you.
Every time travel, shop and fix everything released for the family, from the rice cooker to a cutting board, knife ...
She is a resourceful and sure is, sometimes very hot temper. Also announced is always calm, affectionate. I am 29 years old, not once did in my life saw my parents arguing. This is the warm and the cause to nurture love in our family.
5 years ago, at age 25, when I head to Malaysia to represent an affiliated company of Vietnam Airlines, I accumulated a sum to give parents the first time abroad. I saw my father smile and bright eyes happy. In this world, for me, just that!
My brother as Project Officer for non-governmental organizations, and other colleagues of his father driving shuttle trip.
My brother graduated from China back to, is also working for a Chinese company in Vietnam.
Last year, the father often held parties every year, my father wanted me to accompany him. A father to take us around the table and introduced "This is the son, daughter uncle! "At that time, I find they often followed the story with" Well, I'm doing is right in .... Why so good? ".
And it is time, my father was head high.
And that's when I head up, confident and want to tell them all that "My dad was the best driver!Because the father was driving my brother's life on track.
Last month my father retired. I knew it would upset shortfalls and busy work get used to it. I write a story about his father as the greatest pride of my life since being a child of the father, because the protective father, who raised it. All successful today is because our father taught!
I told myself that I would do a special occasion retirement announcement by calling for at least 550 supporters of my dad quit. Then I will hold on to publish the article reads like a letter published heart and told that "Dad, please stop smoking for me and for 550 people sympathize with Nhe males."


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