Monday, December 26, 2011

Apple may release iPad 3 Retina screen on 24/02/2012 - the birthday of the late CEO Steve Jobs, as a gratitude for the co-founder of the company died.

iPad 3 may be released on Steve Jobs's birthday
This information is not unfounded, as the time of its release coincides with the cycle of new products each year of the Apple (iPad 2 release in 2 / 3), it will be a special action very meaningful that "apple defects" wanted to give the CEO have his late.
According to newspaper reports Focus Taiwan , the partners provide components for Apple products are ready for the launch iPad 3 right on my birthday of Steve Jobs. Specifically, the company Foxconn (China) will carry out work both in the Lunar New Year to be completed about 9.5 to 9.7 million units of product for the first batch of Apple.
According to information leaked earlier, the new iPad will be equipped with super-resolution screen will probably not sharp but thin iPad 2. If the rumors are true, plus the Samsung is preparing to roll out a line of tablet resolution Retina rival, the war on the tablet market promises to be hotter than ever.


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