Sunday, May 1, 2011

A beautiful skin needs to be nurtured from within, so diet plays an important role in the beauty of your itinerary.
Các loại thực phẩm hành hạ làn da bạn
Refined carbohydrates
These processed foods like candy, cake will lack the vital nutrients such as vitamin B, fiber and iron.This food is high in sugar and flour, so if used regularly will stimulate the sebaceous gland activity, causing clog pores and lead to acne.
Sugar affects health. Skin with a collagen protein accounted for 40% of the body. If you use too much sugar will affect collagen as well as digestive problems, making health and skin will be worse.
Salty foods
The food is too salty will lead to excess salt, absorbs moisture from the skin cells causing tissue swelling and loss of elasticity.
You should know that when we eat refined sugar and too many carbohydrates will be converted into fat in the body. Reduce fat cell's oxygen supply, so that the skin becomes dull and aging.
Dairy products
Except yogurt proved to be good for the skin and digestion, ì most dairy products are at risk of rashes.Milk contains androgen hormones are converted into the hormone dihydrotestosterone, increased sebum production. Also, acne can also arise because some growth hormones in milk.
Soda and coffee
If you want a beautiful skin, to keep blood sugar levels balanced. Soda sugar and artificial sweeteners, coffee also contains caffeine cause problems with acne and wrinkles.
Soda contains artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame can increase the level of junk food, increasing the tension hinders the blood circulation.
Many studies have shown that drinking appropriate amounts of alcohol can be good for health.However, if you want a radiant skin, you should remember that alcohol dehydrates the skin, relaxes the blood vessels, causing inflammation leads to the damaging effects of acne and aging documents.
According to the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications

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