Thursday, October 27, 2011

Viktor Bout, covering global arms smuggling has been the best friend testified against in a hearing in New York, USA.

Viktor Bout - 'death merchant'
Being the world's known as "death merchants", "lord of war" or "lone wolf", Victor Bout's arms trafficking bosses in the world. Served in the Soviet Army, read speak six languages, Viktor Bout became billionaires by selling weapons to the armed forces in Africa. With a view to not care about people who buy weapons, bought with the purpose, Viktor Bout has earned billions of dollars in profits from the arms smuggling business.
Viktor Bout's clients include opposing gangs in Africa and Asia. Taliban forces are one of the giants of customers Viktor Bout. According to investigators, "death merchants" in the hands of several large trucking companies based in various countries, with aircraft systems, modern transport ships. The system acts as a matrix, making international police seem to bunch up with the mission of Viktor Bout to eat.
'Death Merchants' be yourself standing between buildings
Viktor Bout was wearing body armor when extradition to the United States.
But the night went very well have met that day, Viktor Bout arrested in Thailand in March / 2008, after U.S. agents posing as buyers of weapons of y. Accordingly, many weapons were ordered, including missiles, not to shoot down U.S. aircraft. The plan succeeded beyond expectations when Viktor Bout - who hardened after years of mischief and evade the pursuit of international police to Thailand in person to discuss doing business. He was arrested at a hotel in Bangkok, which was then extradited to the U.S. for trial. During the arrests including Andrew Smulian, partnership is also a close friend of "war lord".
Being best friends charged with the court
Andrew Smulian is one of the best friend of Viktor Bout was arrested to date. The two guys off benefits from the war in 1997 met and became close. On average, the two men "death merchants" met 75 to 80 times a year to do business and establish an air base in South Africa.
Shortly after his arrest, Smulian has quickly plead guilty. However, Viktor Bout has not once admitted conspiracy to sell weapons to terrorists to attack U.S. troops. Accordingly, y to Thailand and said not to sell missiles to terrorists (by American spy disguised) remains only to sell two aircraft owned medical transport.
Winding but denied charges Viktor Bout is not doubt on his comrades who consent to the stand to testify against y. Not clear day hearing took place, but the news article AFP published this morning said, though each was a close friend but did not see Andrew Smulian Viktor Bout to testify.Meanwhile, Bout stared at her guy you sold out. Bout's testimony were the sophist Smulian prove, but do not know the court may be charged y or not.
If convicted, Viktor Bout is likely to rest for the remainder of his life in prison for abetting terrorists to attack America. However, the health plan is not easy, and so pronounced the sentence the more difficult.


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