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The past relationship rather "hit" of some good to find out what attracted them to each other.

Mai Phuong Thuy and Hennessy Beny University in Ng
Benny Ng "popular" match the consecutive pairs with Miss Mai Phuong Thuy in about two years, even before he was known as a great young, handsome and has relationships with overseas Vietnamese women in showbiz.
Romance between Miss Vietnam 2006 with CEO Moet Hennessy Vietnam has never been recognized, but what the pair had shown "clear as day." In many events, Mai Phuong Thuy did not hesitate to express feelings of intimacy with him, all those unanswered questions from the public.
Long legs in showbiz giants Vietnam
Miss Capital is to be appreciated for his intelligence and kindness, because after Miss Vietnam 2006, Mai Phuong Thuy Vietnamese Hung NTK same image building with Miss noble heart always travel with the charity. However, two years, that image is somewhat blurred and instead is a continuous Miss difficulties to "hand flying and time" in which the romance of Phuong Thuy also takes many of the ink the press.
There are a lot of information around Mai Phuong Thuy's love as her man once suspected in love with the beautiful people like runner Truong Thi May, Miss Thuy Dung Ly Nha Ky, there is even information he had stayed in ventricular surface. Mai Phuong Thuy and Benny Ng of each song in as many events, but after the media giant in many ways Hennessy caught secretly dating Miss Mai Phuong Thuy Thuy Dung then report back to deny this relationship. The couple have a walk "the way everyone goes." This time they continued intimacy with the message "we're very happy."
Long legs in showbiz giants Vietnam
Long legs in showbiz giants Vietnam
Mai Phuong Thuy smile.
Huynh Thanh Tuyen and media mogul of Cat Tien Sa companies
After winning silver in 2009 model, Huynh Thanh Tuyen emerging cult, not only own the standard measure of a bikini model, Huynh Thanh Tuyen impressed by the beautiful face and smile fresh. While at the height of his career, the opportunity just to the Thanh Tuyen nuop nuom suddenly float up. Her husband is none other than Nguyen Quang Minh - the boss of a series of major programs such asuniversal dance step, Perfect Couple, Gold Album, Vietnamese song ...
Long legs in showbiz giants Vietnam
Huynh Thanh Tuyen and the rare times when her husband appeared to float
The decision to float the media giants Huynh Thanh Tuyen's really shocking, to give up all fame and glamor of showbiz police department to do the 3rd wife by Mr. Nguyen Quang Minh previous two times each by boat .
After marriage, Huynh Thanh Tuyen showbiz world and give a docile wife became her husband's firm rear. Only her husband appeared in a few events of Cat Tien Sa Company, a super model years do not seem to appear, according to some sources Huynh Thanh Tuyen recently born first son a few months.
Thien Ly and the great Universal Group
Smart, beautiful, little buzz, Thien Ly stunned audiences with her ​​information on the float with giant Tony Toan (born 1962) than her 27 years of age. Runner's husband is none other than Chairman of the Universal Company - the unit had taken Miss Universe pageant (Miss Universe) to Vietnam in 2008.
Long legs in showbiz giants Vietnam
Thien Ly at the wedding
Immediately after the contest Miss Universe Vietnam 2008, Thien Ly and Tony falls in love whole.Their affair lasted three years before going to marriage. Although the groom than the bride nearly 30 years of age but rather with two different viewpoints and thoughts. Thien Ly has mellowed before age thinking. According to some of her friends Thien Ly is very pleased his parents.
Thien Ly was mum about love, life discreet and quiet. The crowned Miss Universe Asia, but she does not appear constant in the event. She spent the school and families and never revealed their romance.Thus the runner-up married to a man than her many years at age 22 was a decision that surprised the public.
Long legs in showbiz giants Vietnam
Not up to enjoy the day to float the relationship between her husband and also the media scrutiny and put the question mark. That's why God continually Li as director of national beauty contest for the international competition as Hoang Yen and Hoang My ... Before the holiday fuss about her feelings with her ​​husband, Thien Ly remain silent and not re-exported from the crowd on the bus after flowering.
Vu Hoang Diep and Universities in Moto
Long legs in showbiz giants Vietnam
Hoang Diep and the Moto
Vu Hoang Diep's Love Story and The Moto also takes many of the press ink. After the coronation title of International Beauty Queen, Vu Hoang Diep taken care of by extended moto boyfriend always appear next to beautiful people everywhere, she is constantly "juggle" the love in the newspaper.Eliminating Public opinion Moto hands on the title Queen of Beauty, the pair constantly "dominant player" in the form of game moves. When couples make the car unique appearance, when the breeze is up newspaper lovers spoiled with expensive gifts, as they march by acclamation convoy terrible lover the night, when they set up a defense team beautiful people around who intend to pick berries or a helicopter ...
They call the situation of the International Beauty Queen and he extended his Moto is a sad situation, or in other words "love each other very painful bite." After four years the couple salt concentration official "way everyone goes" in a loud and when it started. Both pairs have continuity as "cutting ball" on the report. Both words for each bitter, bitter on the report that the reader must also shook his head for a sad situation.
Trang Nhung and the death he
Long legs in showbiz giants Vietnam
After the lost bag, Trang Nhung shared candid and constant regret Vertu phone worth $ 200 million donated by her boyfriend. It also has a lot of memories, sweet message of the two. With this release has made ​​many people curious about the boyfriend who Trang Nhung.
Soon, Trang Nhung brought her boyfriend to attend the birthday of Arabia Phuc . Although both are trying to keep a distance, avoiding the paranoia of the public, but everyone can recognize him as the man whom she shared hinted earlier and not difficult to identify the main he is the former Hoang Thuy Linh.
Long legs in showbiz giants Vietnam
Trang Nhung crisis with a series of projects in the music when someone asked patrons.



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