Thursday, October 20, 2011

Police have conducted 21 rescue her Uganda citizenship aged 19 to 42 were tricked into sex filled Malaysia as in the brothel with the promise of life-changing place of origin.

Malaysian police rescue 21 sex slaves
According to Head of Criminal Investigation Bakri Zinin, the victims were discovered living in crowded apartments in four central Selangor state. Most of them were trafficked to Malaysia with enticing words to the maid and wages $ 1,000 / month.
In addition 21 women were coerced into prostitution, police also make arrests two women suspected of "madam" and a man is more likely their clients.
The girls were coerced into sexual slavery have been rescued.(Artwork)
21 people are an organization brought to China from Uganda to Malaysia then. They repeatedly threatened both physically and mentally to prevent those who intend to run away. In addition, they also must bear a debt of about $ 7,000 to be forced into sexual slavery to pay debts ne.
According to the police, these girls have to live temporarily in a welfare house then water will be expelled when the investigation ends. In addition, police can not identify the ringleader of a line or not prosecuted. If prosecuted and convicted are guilty, they will be faced with the sentence up to 15 years in prison for trafficking.
Southeast Asia has the world's constantly complaining that the trafficking. In 2009, Malaysia was listed third on the list of countries for human trafficking rampant in the world and threatened sanctions if no preventive measures.
Therefore, Malaysian officials were determined to implement strong measures to prevent trafficking of women and children for sexual fullness in the country.


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