Thursday, October 27, 2011

The idea of ​​the beauty of men and most women are different. Therefore, women need to understand the psychology of men if you want to become the best in their eyes.

In a recent survey, the guy has "confessed" on what women can impress and they could not take his eyes. Discover the answer is much light, not sympathy.
Light up
4 ways to make the guy pretty fascinated
Many men complain of their girls makeup too dark, while they liked the makeup her as gently as possible. That men, too gaudy makeup will make women lose their natural beauty. His girlfriend, makeup preferences, you should pay attention to public light. However, this does not mean that they enjoy a rustic face makeup not prepare anything in those important occasions you '.
Skirts and high heels
4 ways to make the guy pretty fascinated
If you are a "believer" of the dress and heels, then congratulations, the men confessed that they often can not take your eyes off the girls wear skirts and high heels. A lovely dress will make you sweet girl become more feminine, besides, high heels will help you significantly increase height and make your body neat and sexy over there. One point worth noting, if you do not want him terrible fear of death, they never choose too short skirts and high boots.
Seductive scent
4 ways to make the guy pretty fascinated
The aroma is one of the most important weapon to help you conquer him. Therefore, you should pay attention girl choose a few bottles of perfume to smell like him lightly. Generally, men tend to prefer the sweet scent of fruit. Or, a fragrance extracted from plants and herbs also help him feel more comfortable and pleasant as at your side there.
Straight hair into silky folds
4 ways to make the guy pretty fascinated
Most men are like girls with long hair, straight and natural hair feel like his girlfriend. Small tip for you, the guy did not even agree with you more than abused machines presses, dryers, or other chemicals where style because he does not have straight hair like claws a stark, dry and lifeless at all. But there is a truth, "hurt" is often the girls are very difficult to get straight silky hair as natural as when wet. Since then, very straight hair, beautiful due to hydrogen bonding of water resources, but when dry, the water evaporates, hair began to extract the rough, loss of folds. Therefore, the best girlfriend to choose those products for straight hair to straight hair is always perfectly dry even when natural light.


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