Tuesday, October 25, 2011

At the age of the U.S. today, the definition of "extended" is not yet clear. But now the U.S. will not pay much attention to someone speaking to you because of My great love now that's music.

My Talk - 'bird painting my' go for Miss Teen
- Hey, My Talk, is one of the best 20 girls this year's Miss Teen, your feelings at this time how?
- The face is one of 20 best of 2011 with Miss Teen America is a great honor. Subscribe to the contest in previous years, My show contestants this year not only beautiful but also very talented. Can search criteria showbiz talent has made it easy for you to present all the talent as well as other aspects of their dominant.
To be abreast with you into the top 20 is a very fortunate thing for America and America will try to expectations regardless of the family as well as those who follow and support during my time.
My Talk - 'bird painting my' go for Miss Teen
My Talk - 'bird painting my' go for Miss Teen
- You have to prepare yourself for what the administration page to enter two exciting weeks ahead?
- At this moment My is very excited for next weeks finals to be held in Tuan Chau, Ha Long, which is being voted the world's new wonders. The U.S. is preparing a lot for this week. But with My My most important need preparation that is always makes your heart strong, improve knowledge and confidence because knowledge is power and confidence is not the cause of all loss defeat.
- The 20 faces this time, the names are very interested teen community as Ha Laser, "evil" ... My Huyen Thu Thach has found himself inferior or under pressure?
- First names are very interested teen community is such a little pressure with my no. Because U.S. and when they're as different people, and My My My is a personality, passion, choice and different orientations with you. But not so the U.S. does not observe and follow what you have gained from which to draw for themselves the lessons learned as passion passion never betray us.
As with all other candidates, each of you has an aspect, and from its own charm that will gradually draw my own experience and improve ourselves further.
- My Miss Teen is considered as a "launching pad" to someone close to the audience more, and also the first step of the way this art?
- Come to the Miss Teen, My thoughts in her a little comfort without pressure or competition at all.My only wish is to participate in a community to try their best to know where, to satisfy his passion and to expand social relationships.
On the day My decision to attend the Miss Teen, My show My conquered myself and win yourself a most glorious victory. And my feeling a little regret participated in this competition by virtue of Miss Teen, My be familiar with a lot of new friends, learn a thing from you go ahead and especially happy that America has be one step closer to more audiences.
My Talk - 'bird painting my' go for Miss Teen
My Talk - 'bird painting my' go for Miss Teen
My Talk - 'bird painting my' go for Miss Teen
- If looking for Cao Thanh Thao My name on the network will be quite surprised that the clip you participated was recorded from the days of tiny. What do you think when you are not famous child star soon as the other?
- In My pretty little shy so my parents brought to Hanoi for Hoa Mi Club activities, hoping her daughter will soon get along with you. And the thought of that time, the family living at clubs and concerts are just a playground for their children after regular school hours.
Since her mother is a journalist should know about the flip side, the difficulties, the rigors of showbiz than anyone else and no parent wants their children subjected to such pressure soon. So ten years living and performing with the United Club Mi, My not exposed to the press, the trendsetters and technology has not released any singles that. But the choice of parents is always correct and up to now, My childhood had a very nice, very bright. Gradually unknown passion was art always tied to the heart and soul of America. When can my decision and decided to follow this path and see that my family was ready for what you have chosen. So in the future, America will try and attempt to achieve as much success. Hopefully everyone will be there and support the United States.


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