Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The company "of" telephone Stuart Hughes has launched a collection of high-end iPhone 4S called Billionaire Toys (toys for billionaire) includes two versions of a gold-plated, a platinum-plated.

Luxury iPhone 4S with price $ 6,000
iPhone 4S 24 karat gold-plated version.
item 4S iPhone is "hot" market, however, for those "extra money" to own a new iPhone alone is not enough. Foreseeing this trend with many years experience in the "to life" for the products of "apple defect," the company Stuart Hughes has decided to release iPhone 4S collection called senior Billionaire Toys.
This collection includes two versions of iPhone 4S: a 24 karat gold plated with platinum plating and a high level. With that, the side of the machine are attached 500 crystals behind Apple logo may also be 53 different crystals. Both versions are presented together with a pair of headphones that is encrusted with crystals.
Billionaire Toys True to its name, this really is the toy of the "no shortage of money" when the value of the handset up to $ 6,050. Stuart Hughes said the company will have only 1,000 were produced correctly for each version.
Luxury iPhone 4S with price $ 6,000
the platinum-plated iPhone 4S.


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