Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beauty sparkling MV "Lust pink lips" by Minh Hang string ended on "If he went to" occupy top spot in BXH Zing Video .

If you like him to be her debut single young artist since Van Mai Huong won runners in Vietnam Idol 2010 . It can be said, the song received much positive feedback of the audience is not too surprising.During three consecutive weeks, If I to stand in first position in BXH Zing Video and almost without any rival any. However, until this week, Sac red lips of Minh Hang has overtaken. After only two weeks to appear, Sac red lips have views of over 3 million times. The MV has more than 1 million hits this year have the opportunity to appear in the Top 10 Video of the Year award by Zing Music Awards take place early next year.
Minh Hang 'deposed' Van Mai Huong
Minh Hang 'deposed' Van Mai Huong
Minh Hang and Van Mai Huong is scored by the images in bright and lovely.
Sac red lips and If I come with many similarities, such as not using multiple frame technique or the principal angles are simple but eye catching, easy to see. 2 Pictures of the singer is very cute and charming. Maybe after running a series of video sexy style of many other artists, the fans still want to keep their idol image like this close. Also, do not know if "in the risk may have one" or not, but the MV If he went to stick to comments about messy as directed by Trieu Quang Huy, and Minh Hanghad previously acquired the lace pants should try ... partly made ​​many people curious and find out their new products.


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