Thursday, October 27, 2011

"I just drop her out immediately Thuy took the cup of gourmet pieces of the broken wrist An ...", he said.

- There are many sources that the cause of divorce is because he has behaved so bad with a beautiful wife. Such as she is locked up for not going, or beaten, abused ...?

- That I kept her indoors for a few years no where to go, then Thuy will sue and I could be treated in the U.S. court on charges of kidnapping. Thus was a criminal case and was not able to solve about civil to each other. If she had provided that beat her, then in America, I would be arrested immediately. She beat her sue me, but a man like me that hit, the only black Chickenpox both wrists.

Ngoc Thuy ex-husband spoke about domestic abuse
The wedding was celebrated just after the 7 day love
- Why are stories that impact?

- Yesterday, I went to get temporary residence card and passport for you, then Thuy's baby daughter Monday about 6 months. At that time I was at the Caravelle Hotel. When I went and saw Thuy in the room, she seems to hear something not right about me, and jealous to the waiting room is available. When I put my daughter's passport to Thuy, her braces taken and tear. Then I was shocked the passport book as a child protective reflexes. Then she threw up all the flower vases, ashtrays, lamps in the room on my bed .... I took two hands and pressed her Thúy the bed to calm her for fear she might be pregnant action.
Then, when normal, I just drop her out, she immediately took the cup of gourmet piece of the broken wrist. Seeing this, just as I was working on and slapped her, and pulled pieces of chinaware with the aim of making her wake. Then she called to protect and manage the hotel to witness ... It was my first time there is no longer an act anymore. I am ashamed to remember it. And I decided to end things. All there is to it. Not like what she provided.
Ngoc Thuy ex-husband spoke about domestic abuse
"He just got married to his wife and children," said Ngoc Thuy old husband

- So you think the main reason leading to the break is why?

- All things are so separated from both sides. Cracks not only from day one. There are too many things and not to the point where I no longer want anymore delays.
Different character than is perhaps the biggest cause of cracks. For example, I do not like to brag, but Thuy is the opposite. I am a simple life, not like public opinion, not like gathering ...
- I like "closed", but like Ngoc Thuy rhetoric?

- There is a personal conversation with me, then she's ready for more people to know. That made me really uncomfortable. There are many reasons, but every day it builds up to do both at once tired and stop, that's all.
- He married a beautiful model works, then perhaps he should come out first?

- No, I saw in Vietnam, she also has many beauties, it is also very beautiful and famous master, but after the family, and her life has changed quite tight and only listed here. I see they are aware of family life and privacy.
- Just so he decided to break up?

- Of course, these things are not the main thing leads to divorce. We lived together for almost 13 months only officially married. Although the start is because of love. Life and how to think, act of two people so different, finally led to divorce.


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