Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Only 1.85 million contract, Blackberry 8820 is the optimal choice for those who are disturbed because the phones use expensive but always have to cherish it and those who fear the phone with a 'pulp corn' only can hear the call.

Length of modern industrial development of the market rushing the technology that you can hardly run out of fashion trends. Shop for yourself an expensive smartphone, trendy that you will have to spend a small fee and are not clear you will not always' raising as lifting eggs, as inspired flower inspired "them. As for the easy computed, the phone call needs to hear quickly become boring problem because they can not meet a demand for entertainment. And all the gaps that can be solved with a production Smart Products - Blackberry 8820.
Optimal choice for Blackberry 8820
Blackberry 8820 has no camera.
Surely many people wonder why the Blackberry 8820 has no camera, in fact this is a product designed specifically for employees of security companies, to avoid the shot hit the outside. But in return the important characteristics of the Blackberry 8820 should have very high durability with quality waves called very good listen, even in the basement or the uplands.
Optimal choice for Blackberry 8820
The main interface of the Blackberry.
The first advanced features include the Blackberry 8820 to be able to connect to internet using Wifi 802.11 a / b / g lets you update information, web surfing, reading newspapers or chatting online yahoo can afford to eight stories with friends. It also has EDGE connection (2.5 G standard for 3G speeds equivalent), public health when you're happy to help where there is no wifi. All the above operations are made easy thanks to full qwerty keyboard is very quiet and reasonable layout with 5-way trackball.
Optimal choice for Blackberry 8820
The next high-end features typically appear on the phone line "super terrorist" is a GPS function GPS to help you locate your position accurately even anywhere on the globe with satellite maps. Just own 8820 machine, you'll feel secure when traveling, because the map just turn up, only to see your work as directed on the screen and determine the way.
Optimal choice for Blackberry 8820
It has 64Mb of internal memory and can be upgraded up to 16GB with Micro card slot, this great space that you can afford high-definition movies, music, reading. Blackberry 8820's display with 65,000 colors, resolution 320 x 240 pixel images are very sharp plus fantastic. In addition, thanks to support multiple audio formats like MP3, WMA, AAC, AAC +. eAAC +, AMR-NB, and MIDI, video formats like 3GP, MPEG4, WMV and H.263, so you will not be disturbed or difficult problems related to entertainment.
Optimal choice for Blackberry 8820
If you are quick you may be the property of the 8820 AT & T
Blackberry 8820 can maintain the hearing referred to in 3 days and a standby time of up to 7 days so it will perfectly meet the needs to hear your call or entertainment. There are the advantages of this Vietnamese regime is due to the ambient light sensor that you can very well save battery during use.


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