Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quach Ngoc Ngoan - Ngoc Anh Binh Minh - Vu Thu Phuong, Nathan Lee - Phuong Mai had the screen "lock lips" between the galaxy's desk.

Ngoc Anh - Quach Ngoc Ngoan
The shock of the kiss 'star' Vietnam
3rd concert of the competition Perfect Couple 23/10 brought the audience up from all of this to any other surprises. What is most surprising is the length of the lip lock screen couple Ngoc Anh - Quach Ngoc Ngoan on stage in the surprise of everyone.
The couple had a combination of sweet food ideas and presenting well-known song Besame Mucho . But in the final performance ended, the couple was really "shocking" the audience and the judges did not hesitate when kissed passionate and burning more than lovers on stage. Screen lock lips especially in the presence of millions of viewers have become the subject of lively chatter all.
Explain to act only in the romantic drama, Quach Ngoc Ngoan said: "Ngoan Ngoc Anh and not lovers should not be more deep than not deep but it is probably not natural. Because How long we decided to kiss. "
Tuan Hung - Vu Thu Phuong
The shock of the kiss 'star' Vietnam
Which is a beautiful couple of the entertainment but not how often Phuong Hung and split. The couple did a lot of ink consumption of the media after the debate "heated" to criticize, blame each other. However, due to accident, two people have the opportunity to re-treatment and forced to "kiss takes all" on the stage of the fashion show DeAndre Night late in 2009. And so, ignoring the dislike and twist so long, and he again kissed her sweet and passionate on stage before the surprise of a large audience.
Explaining this kiss, their long legs Vu said, would, according to the script she would kiss Vinh Thuy. But five minutes before the program began, Vinh Thuy be scaffolding fell on the first construction stage, to go to hospital, four stages of the nose and Tuan Hung was selected as a replacement. This is why the advent of "kiss thrilled" between her and the guy singers digging into this flower stem Ha.
Binh Minh - Thanh Hang
The shock of the kiss 'star' Vietnam
That same night DeAndre Night, the audience also phen flat eye before his eyes suddenly kiss lasted about 30 seconds, but "foot long" supermodel Thanh Hang for Binh Minh.
The number after the opening performance, Binh Minh as the MC has led hands Thanh Hang offers viewers a tour, then come back inside to prepare for the next performance. But suddenly, suddenly Thanh Hang back and give kisses Dawn complete improvisation. Environmental impact was sudden, he just said Dawn stand still "scapegoat" first kiss is hard to resist the beautiful long legs in Vietnam.
Nathan Lee and Mai Phuong
The shock of the kiss 'star' Vietnam
In mid-October last, during the love story Quang Hai - Phuong Mai is in the cracks, the netizens were suddenly "shocked" and "stunned" when men see photos of model-singer Nathan Lee "enthusiastic" lock lips Mai Phuong model is posted on the facebook profile this guy.
This raises the kiss as rumors about the two characters in the picture are "freak feelings for each other" by the earlier, two of them constantly, "wrapped up in each other" from magazine photos and the party outside the real world. It also questioned that Nathan Lee was the one who put an end to the couple Phuong Mai - Quang Hai.
Various Artists - dollar strength
The shock of the kiss 'star' Vietnam
Attending the wedding singer Lijuan, "his landlord Mountain" Strength does not hesitate dollars awarded to a beautiful wife, Ha Ho a sweet kiss in front of the guests.



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