Friday, October 21, 2011

After the launch of the Aventador, Lamborghini manufacturers said they were confident ahead two generations than any models that are available on the market.
Video Lamborghini Aventador black street

That statement is not rhetoric, when Aventador is the first commercial car in the world are equipped with solid monocoque chassis is made of lightweight materials as carbon fiber, along with suspension of F1 racing cars.
Officially launched in Geneva on 28/2/2011, Aventador launched to replace the Murcielago supercar - the most successful cars in history with 4099's were produced. The design of the Aventador was inspired Reventon million cars and Estoque concept. Aventador will have 4,000 units sold, of which the Roadster is expected to launch in 2012.
Price of Aventador at quite different markets, such as the U.S. is $ 380,000, in the UK is £ 202,000 (approximately $ 325,000), while in China, its price can be up to nearly 1 million. However, not so that the appeal of "super cows" Aventador reduced. Immediately after launch, Lamborghini announced that it has received sufficient orders in the past 18 months.

Video black Lamborghini Aventador on U.S. streets.
Video black Lamborghini Aventador on U.S. streets.


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