Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Billionaire Bill Gates called for helping the poorBillionaire Bill Gates called for helping the poor
Billionaire Bill Gates claims will ask leaders of countries with developing economies do not turn away from G20 countries with less developed economies, whether in the context of general problems.

Currently, the country's economy development role is the main sponsor for health project, in the agricultural and less developed countries, to prevent poverty in the backward countries of the world Tuesday's.

With severe heart billionaire Bill Gates charity.

However, the global economic slowdown is impacting the economy, including developing countries, causing a direct impact to the funding package to poor countries. Billionaire Bill Gates is worth more evidence that the funding programs in agriculture and healthcare for the least-developed countries and made a big difference to lives of poverty, while promoting sustainable the economy.
On the other hand, the global food crisis in 2008 has made life in poor countries severely disturbed. More expensive food prices caused the rate of malnutrition and hunger increased. While the rich countries promised to increase funding for agricultural projects in developing countries, but most of them can not be deployed.
Debt crisis in Europe as well as tight spending policy of the United States is serious prejudice to the financing package for poor countries. So pleased with severe billionaire Bill Gates charity is trying to call the leaders of developed countries do not turn their backs on the poor, who expect more from these shifts in funding from rich countries.


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