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"At the present time, the concept is beyond my understanding," the actress, beautiful model was quite unexpected answers when asked about the love story of great and beloved woman.

Chen Elly: 'stranger phrase giants'
- Being successful in its role as a model image, reason why she decided to suspend this work aggressively to attack the movie industry?
- I was born is not available to her love of art can orient yourself as a child, that you will join one or the other as other artists. From the beginning I was determined I would not go as a model, rather than on information from the actors, but chances are you also have to know how to catch. I simply thought I was a child, lovers of the challenge and want to offer only.
- Three upcoming movie premiere that she joined the "Single Mother", "Dream upstream" and "Pearl" will be enough to make the audience recognize you as a real actor, not just the guest role as the first film?
- Fortunately, so touching film with his role in a film, but I feel happy because then they know themselves to accepting the role of health visitors, only gently. Later, when more confident about the possibility, I was confident and assigned the role requires more work. This is quite a challenge, but I tried and satisfied with the effort they put into it. I believe viewers will feel it. Audiences everywhere would, they only recognize the efforts of the actors only when they feel capable and really tried, but no one eager to see the actors sitting around that exhortation.
- Allow plenty of time to work in Vietnam, you will have to reduce the overseas projects. This could affect her name?
- Yes, last time I was back at work to regulate overseas a lot, for "oath" with the manufacturer is going to prioritize time for the crew. For me, at work or life, the reputation is most important. I kept my promise. But the film is complete calendar year, I'll fly away again as before. My name in foreign markets also had a relatively strong position in the audience, I will meet them more in the upcoming project.
- Workers in the field of art for quite some time, this time she saw what I learned?
- I corrected as I participated in art until now less than two years, a period too short for their age or profession of the cast model. Or if other people think two years is long, then for me it's something poignant first ball. Song I've drawn a lot of experience and useful lessons in life, as in this work, not much but still enough for me to understand the problem and continue to strive to develop.
- Facing these difficulties, she is a person like?
- I am a super humorous, almost any story is always difficult I turned into a joke, so that these difficulties are resolved quietly, always face the hớn cleft. My friends often teased that I'm getting old but still eager to hook the teen holes and rarely see me stress something.
- Elly Chen that "teen" did not like much of her image?
- "Teen" My dress is not fancy or flashy fast-spoken child, but I always keep a positive outlook on everything. She thought it a try, if you say so, anybody can "teen" was, even that old and young.
Chen Elly: 'stranger phrase giants'
- Why are little sisters appear in public?
- I'm not afraid to appear before the public, defined as the art is synonymous with the people identified themselves as serving the audience. I just do not appear in places, events, unrelated to me, or between me they are not bound by the contract. The more I do not have to appear as people like to spread around to cause the audience boredom.
- If a person because of this, that she "lemon", you think?
- Shall I spend time, I'm not easily shaken by the sentence does not make sense to me.
- Samples of her ideal boyfriend like?
- Each day in life, we encounter in communicating with many people, when did the art, this volume also increased many times over. But say this but I know not easy to find out who brought their special feeling. I do not set any standards for a boyfriend, I just have a special feeling to above.
- So you had this special feeling with anyone yet?
- I have a feeling that particularly with the work I'm doing, is pursuing. In a particular person is saying people are not sure but I believe they do not want to think about. That young, what lack of opportunity.
- It is abundant references to the phrase "beloved woman and great country". The word "giants" within the meaning of what she is?
- By this time, the concept is beyond my understanding, the phrase was quite beautiful stranger.
Chen Elly: 'stranger phrase giants'
Chen Elly: 'stranger phrase giants'
Chen Elly: 'stranger phrase giants'
Chen Elly: 'stranger phrase giants'



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