Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A man with a nick at the forum ThomasMetz MacRumor shared about the discovery of an affair his wife through the application of the iPhone 4S Find my friends.
Many people already know about the outstanding features of the iPhone 4S, especially software "intelligent assistant" Siri. However, many people may not know that the application of Apple Find my friends also have a surprisingly functional.
The discovery by his wife of adultery iPhone 4S
Especially in this application is that users can follow someone and know where they are. In the case of ThomasMetz, he had a few doubts about his wife's fidelity. So, I've installed this application without mentioning it to his wife.
ThomasMetz share in his article: "I bought my wife an iPhone and download the application 4S Find my friends without letting her know. She told me that she was at home in the east. But I doubt she went to see a guy in the center. Thanks to this application, I know she's lying to me. "
ThomasMetz have provided some screenshots to prove their arguments when the couple met their lawyers.
Also in the article, ThomasMetz said: "Thanks Apple, thanks to App Store, thank you all. The screen shots helped me when I met her at a lawyer's office."
From this story, perhaps vows of the couple when getting married should be changed to: "Until death separated us, or when I discovered a terrible secret that your life through a small application of Apple ".


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