Friday, October 28, 2011

Rescuers have pulled a boy alive from the rubble of an apartment building this morning, after 108 hours occurred terrible earthquakes as 550 people died in eastern Turkey.

A picture of the Turkish news agency, Anatolia, shows, rescue teams are picked him out of Ferhat Tokay ruins, while the victim shares are fixed by a splint. In few other pictures from a field hospital, he looked alert and looking at the rescue workers. Anatolia said the victims were injured but gave no further details. Residence which is located in Ercis saved Tokay township earthquake damage was most severe.
13-year-old boy was rescued after 108 hours buried
13-year-old boy was taken to emergency. (Photo: Reuters)
According to the Disaster Management Turkey (AFAD) earthquake on Sunday (23/10) had at least 550 people dead and injured 2,300 others. Thousands of homeless people staying in tents and battling cold, while rain and snow to pile up more difficult.
Rescuers also pulled yesterday was a young man alive from the rubble of a building, after four days trapped under the ruins. Local television showed rescue team simultaneously clapped with joy when young men wearing red sweater lying on a stretcher and was taken out of the rubble. Victims are always close your eyes and open only a short time. The young man could not move the head and it was fixed by a supporting character.
13-year-old boy was rescued after 108 hours buried
The young man was removed from the wreckage yesterday. (Photo: AP)
According to Anatolia , the young man is Imdat Padak (18), was a rescue team of Azerbaijan rescued. The victim was then flown to the nearby city of Van to treat and is in stable condition. Padak Kiziloren live in the village and was attending a pre-university course in Ercis.


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