Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lamborghini Design 90 motorbikes for sale for 55,000 Euro is one of six sports motorcycle only Lamborghini ever produced.

Super Lamborghini brand motorcycles find new owners
Fans often known as a manufacturer Lamborghini sports car with the "super cows" as Aventador or aggressive Gallardo but few know that it has produced both motorcycles.
Founded in 1963, Lamborghini was the time all the commodities business "popular" like oil heat or air conditioning components. After the oil crisis in the 70s of last century, Ferruccio Lamborghini - Lamborghini founder of the company has to sell all of their shares at Lamborghini. Company Italian supercar manufacturer has encountered numerous difficulties that time and declared bankruptcy in 1978.
Italy has conducted the court freeze the assets of the company until the Mimran brothers (the Swiss) is specified to power. The Mimran has carried out a restructuring and "pump" money into many Lamborghini to its feet before the official to gain ownership in 1978.
Super Lamborghini brand motorcycles find new owners
In the process of finding success with a new company, Patrick Mimran - a member of the Mimran family has decided to launch a product other than automobiles. As a result, Lamborghini Design 90 came into existence in 1986 - is the combination of the ideas of Swiss design of Italy, the French engine and components from Japan.
The Design is equipped with a capacity of 1,000 cc engine, four camshafts, for a capacity of 130 horsepower, maximum speed 258 km / h and weighs only 170 kg. However, because the price "ridiculous" $ 13,500 (costs twice as much with the sports motorcycle born at the same time), Design 90 has not achieved Lamborghini successful as expected.
As expected earlier, there are about 25 units Design 90 is produced but then the plan was canceled.Only a true 6 was launched, the first of which was broken. The yellow 90 Design is currently being sold on Jamelist - professional web site for sale and collection of luxury items for 55,000 Euro (about $ 75,000).


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