Friday, October 21, 2011

All stores Apple Store across the country were closed during the memorial ceremony for Steve Jobs to midnight (now Vietnam) at Apple headquarters in the United States.

Thousands of fans attended the memorial Steve Jobs
CEO Tim Cook with the entire staff at the memorial Apple Steve Jobs.
Memorial service held for about 90 minutes and is reported directly to all Apple employees in the U.S.. Opening the ceremony, CEO Tim Cook on behalf of all leaders and staff commenced Apple and reviewed the milestone with its venerable former CEO. Former Vice President Al Gore and the Apple board members also had a brief speech.
The ceremony took place in the solemn atmosphere and emotion, especially when the famous adsThink Different replayed. Many people did not hold back tears. The ceremony ended with the songYou've got a friend in me - the songs in the blockbuster Toy Story by Pixar.
Video scenes memorial Steve Jobs at Apple's headquarters.
All stores Apple Store in the U.S. were closed within 3 hours for the staff can view live reporting memorial service. Meanwhile, many police were mobilized to keep order and security around the headquarters of Apple, because the fan is pulling on the east.
Yesterday (19/10), personally CEO Tim Cook revealed, a day before his death, Steve Jobs still call to discuss Apple products in the opening ceremony iPhone 4S. A day after he died.
When asked about the most memorable for Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak - friend and co-founded Apple with Jobs said: "It was in 1985, when I left Apple to form a new company. I asked the design firm Frog Design ideas and excited about the idea. But look at that and Jobs knows what they're doing to me. He threw it straight away and said 'what the hell he is doing so for Woz'. While we were there own direction, but Jobs still interested in me and ready to do what is best for me. That was the only conflict between us ever. "
CEO of Sorftbank Video - Masayoshi Son share their feelings about Steve Jobs.
Meanwhile, the CEO of Softbank - Masayoshi Son - said he really admired the spirit of Jobs: "I attended the launch of iPhone 4S and a meeting with Tim Cook. While we're talking, Tim suddenly said 'sorry, Masa, I have to worry'. I asked him where to go, then Tim said 'my boss is calling.' He said that Steve wanted to talk about Apple's new products. Even without going to live much longer, Jobs still out with Apple. That's the spirit of a great personality, a great man. He was very sick and may have died long ago, but love with Apple, the company's new products have made him live longer. "
Some pictures of Steve Jobs Memorial took place yesterday:
Thousands of fans attended the memorial Steve Jobs
Series fans flocked to Apple headquarters in Cupertino for two hours before the ceremony began.
Thousands of fans attended the memorial Steve Jobs
30 minutes before the ceremony began, the white curtain is pulled up at the Apple Store in the U.S. store.
Thousands of fans attended the memorial Steve Jobs
Or hanging close.
Thousands of fans attended the memorial Steve Jobs
The flowers continue to be located outside Apple headquarters.
Thousands of fans attended the memorial Steve Jobs
One who loves Steve Jobs does not hold back tears.



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