Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Google adopted ambitious 'acquirer' Yahoo
Giants in the field of search and is looking for partners to "swallowed up" Internet service company Yahoo.
Google adopted ambitious 'acquirer' Yahoo

The source is revealed in the journal The Wall Street Journal has raised many concerns about the monopoly problem in the field of services and online advertising, if Google succeed in this business. Google and Yahoo are now two "giants" in the above sectors. Meanwhile, the financial strength and his great ambition, there are reasons to believe that once Google has on the ability of their success is not trivial.
Currently, the negotiations are still in the startup phase, but according to sources cited above, there are at least two partners agree to the terms that Google offers to jointly "acquired" Yahoo. Previously, Yahoo is reportedly in the range of Microsoft and the company online commerce giant Alibaba China.
The future of Yahoo is being questioned as big as they are prey lucrative that many "giants" desire, whether business results in recent times not impressed. Recently, the company had sacked the chief executive officer (CEO) Carol Bartz. The temporary rule is that Yahoo CEO CFO Tim Morse.


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